Join Me As We Protect Endangered Wildlife, Advance our Purpose, Respect and Protect Girls and Women & Eliminate Food Insecurity With Your Help

This week:

Join Me As We Protect Endangered Wildlife, Advance our Purpose, Respect and Protect Girls and Women & Eliminate Food Insecurity With Your Help


World Rhino Day:
World Rhino Day was last week and celebrates all five species of rhino: Black, white, greater one-horned, Sumatran and Javan rhinos.
World Rhino Day highlights efforts to debunk the myths and diminish the demand for rhino horn.
Visit to shop for a good cause

Chamber of Purpose Update + Cause Conference Details for the 20th annual conference coming up Oct 12th
Here is a short 4 minute video from Eric and I (two of the three co-chairs) as we advance a purpose practice and stand up the first Chamber of Purpose right here in San Diego along with the Cause Conference and the Purpose Awards. Thank you to the region’s purpose-driven community who’ve contributed their valuable time, treasures, and connections to stand up and co-create the Chamber of Purpose.
To learn more about the event, the speakers the awards and to register for the Cause Conference:

09.28.18-2Here is Larry K the third co-chair along with Little Tommy of iHeart Radio

 iHeart Community Spotlight Segment with Little Tommy to Air this Sunday:
If you are local, listen for this on the iHeart radio stations in SD
Sunday                 6:30am                   KHTS FM (Channel 933)
Sunday                 6:30am                   KIOZ FM (Rock 105)
Sunday                 6:00am                   KGB-FM 101.5
Sunday                 7:00am                   KSSX-FM 95.7 (JAM’N)
Sunday                 6:30pm                   KOGO-AM 600
Sunday                 10:30pm                KMYI-FM (Star 94.1)
Sunday                 11:30pm                KLSD–AM 1360 (XTRA Sports)

Amid Kavanaugh Allegations, Re-Thinking The Common Refrain ‘Boys Will Be Boys’:
“The sorts of things and behaviors that we reinforce as manly to boys are not what we expect from good men,” says Leek, who argues that justifying misbehavior among young men by saying, “Boys will be boys,” spreads confusion about how boys and young men should act. “To even take it a step further, it almost frames it as if to imply that those behaviors are actually what make boys boys.”

Locker Room Talk. “Says who?” TEDx Talk with Alexis Jones
Having spent the past three years working intimately with male athletes, Alexis Jones is redefining “manhood” one locker room at a time. After growing up a Texas tomboy with four older brothers and working in “the lion’s den of dudes” at Fox Sports and ESPN, Alexis takes an inspiring, hysterical and at times inappropriate approach to empowering young men to better respect and protect the girls and women in their lives with her exclusive locker room curriculum, ProtectHer. (Viewer discretion advised.)


Ready to do something about this?
Join Me:
I am doing a pre-conference workshop for the Global Empowerment Summit in a few weeks on Oct 5th 2018
Here is the link to the summit on the 6th:

Here is the link to the workshop(s) on the 5th:
To register, one needs to click the “select a time” link
The workshop I am leading is the first one entitled; “IT’S TIME TO MAN UP”
Please share it with men who want to be part of the change…


Hunger Awareness Month and Food Insecurity in San Diego:
We are coming to the close of Hunger Awareness month but with 1 in 7 people in San Diego experiencing food insecurity, it is likely that we all know someone suffering from hunger throughout the year. With so many contributing factors to food insecurity, it’s important that our community work together to build awareness of the prevalence of this issue and work together to reduce hunger and its root causes.

Data collected by the San Diego Hunger Coalition estimates that 486,000 individuals in San Diego County experienced food insecurity in 2016. When looking at the number of children affected, the percentage rises to 1 in 5 children not having access to enough food. To put this into perspective, there are more people in San Diego County struggling with getting enough food to eat than there are residents in Vista, Escondido, San Marcos and Carlsbad combined!

There are a number of contributing factors to food insecurity, but one of the largest challenges unique to San Diego is the incredibly high cost of living. In an area that is experiencing an affordable housing crisis, more families are forced to make difficult decisions about whether to maintain a roof overhead or put food on the table.  Other rising costs, including the cost of healthcare, create decisions between paying for prescriptions or purchasing food.

There are also a number of social and economic factors which contribute to people’s inability to purchase food. Among them are limited access to education and employment that provide a living wage, but perhaps the most enduring root causes of food insecurity in the US are racial, ethnic and class-based inequities that span generations. This inequity has created a divide in the accumulation of wealth, including savings, home, or business equity, that historically disadvantages some populations. Low-income people, people of color, women, single mothers, people with disabilities, and other disenfranchised groups are more likely to experience food insecurity because of intergenerational inequality.

We recognize that these issues are larger than a single organization and it is critical for us to work collaboratively with other organizations that are working directly on these issues.  It’s important to promote an intersectional approach, in building awareness, creating partnerships, and sharing resources. Systemic challenges require systemic solutions, and collective impact is the most effective way to approach such a large scale issue.

The Hunger Coalition and the San Diego Food System Alliance are two examples of collective impact organizations in our community working to reduce food insecurity. To learn more, visit or find them on social media.  If you’d like to help advocate for local, state, and federal changes, you can sign up to become a Hunger Free Activist with the Hunger Coalition by clicking here.

The San Diego Food System Alliance facilitates monthly Healthy Food Access Working Group meetings with the goal of making sure all San Diegans have access to healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate foods. Find out more at

Hunger is still a huge challenge in our community, but one that can be addressed with the appropriate collaboration, education and resources.

For Love and Food,
Amanda Schultz Brochu, Senior Director of CalFresh and Advocacy, San Diego Hunger Coalition
Shannon Pavell, Development and Communications Manager, San Diego Food System Alliance

Thanks this week go to Ross G, Larry K, Galina M, Shannon P & Amanda SB for being the change we want to see

Please pay it forward!

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“There comes a time when the mind
takes a higher plane of knowledge
but can never prove how it got there”—
Albert Einstein

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