Working on Purpose & Working for Purpose to Elevate Humanity and Actualize the American Dream, California Dreamin’ & Improving Social Mobility


This week:
First an antidote, then the diagnosis
The antidote- purpose
The diagnosis- the unrealized potential of humanity as expressed in social immobility

As Brandon so compelling puts it in the last piece in this week’s missive (see below),  When leaders have rooted their identity in their purpose, transforming and overcoming the inner voices that keep them from taking risks, and creating a purpose-driven career plan, they take massive action rooted in their commitment to themselves and what they most care about in the world.” May we all manifest this for our greater selves and take the steps to make it real…

As you will see from this week’s links below, the American dream, Californian dreamin’, Equal pay and Gender parity remain unrealized opportunities in the US, California and here in San Diego.

That said, we can work towards the societal change we wish to see and this gathering next week is a consummate example so please consider joining us if you want to do something meaningful with people that share your values and viewpoint!

U/T Spotlight Podcast on with Drew Schlosberg on The Power of Purpose:
The What behind the Why You Might Want to Invest a Day of Your Life with Your Peeps…

Join us Friday Oct 12th and Be Part of the Change YOU Wish to See in the World:
It’s true. It’s good-hearted people like you who make Cause Conference a uniquely special experience. It would mean the world to us if you joined!
In just two weeks, hundreds of San Diego’s cross-sector leaders and influencers will convene to:

  • Coach and provide practical tools to enhance a purpose-driven organizational model and mindset;
  • Connect with like-minded people to share ideas, solve tough problems, and foster new, innovative partnerships that impact the community; and
  • Champion and recognize momentous, collaborative partnerships and successes that make the San Diego region a better place for all.

We architected the 20th annual Cause Conference with you in mind. With impact at its core, Cause Conference deliberately challenges the myth that cross-sector organizations have unique challenges that can’t be conquered with cross-sector expertise, collaboration, and passion. No matter where you are on your purpose journey, we think you’ll find the insight, connections, and inspiration to advance your mission while driving profits and improving ROI. Empower your purpose with:

  • Collaboration-Focused Formats: This isn’t a sit-and-listen kind of conference. Roll up your sleeves and collaborate with participants and facilitators to ideate, solve problems, and develop plans to execute.  SEE SCHEDULE >
  • Purposely Curated Program: Inspire the great work you do with workshops facilitated by purpose powerhouses, including Malin Burnham, Skyler McCurine, Patrick Combs, Christy Wilson, Karim Bouris, Anne Marbarger, and more.  SEE ALL 50+ FACILITATORS >
  • A Community Collaboration: We’ve partnered with some of San Diego’s top values-driven organizations, like Business for Good SD, Conscious Capitalism SD, Mission Edge, Social Venture Partners SD, SD Grantmakers, to co-create conference content and attract even more, purpose-driven participants!  MEET OUR PARTNERS >
  • Social Engineering: We’ve allocated more time and designed some fun, facilitated connection development activities. Come see your friends and meet some great new partners.  SEE WHO’S COMIN’ >

Hope you’ll join us Friday, October 12th for Cause Conference and the evening before for the #CauseSD Kickoff Mixer. Tickets start at just $189. Please do REGISTER TODAY as prices will go up after next week. Spread the word, rally your friends, and save even more with ticket bundles.

Our collective outcomes will be much more impactful with you there!

Your friends,
Co-Chair, Cause Conference 2018; Co-Founder, Chamber of Purpose; SVP Membership & Chief Advocacy Officer, Mission Federal Credit Union
Co-Chair, Cause Conference 2018; Executive Director, Chamber of Purpose; President & Founder, Sagatica
Co-Chair & Sponsorship Director, Cause Conference 2018; Sustainability Chair, Chamber of Purpose; Chief Connector, Corporate Alliance
Executive Board Member & Programming Director, Cause Conference 2018; Project Manager, Chamber of Purpose; Past President, AMA San Diego; Chief Innovationist, Integrix

For a day, I was one of the millions of Americans without a bank account. It was humbling – The San Diego Union-Tribune

The Bottom 90 percent are Still Poorer than They were in 2007:
Indeed, according to numbers put together by researchers at the Federal Reserve, the top 10 percent of working-age households were the only ones who, adjusted for inflation, were richer on average in 2016 than they were in 2007. Everyone else, as you can see was somewhere between 17 to 35 percent poorer than they’d been almost a decade before.

(Source: Federal Reserve)


California Economy Leaves Far Too Many Poor:
Behind California’s status as the fifth-largest economy in the world is the troubling reality that the Golden State is also one of the most impoverished in the nation.


New Survey Shows California Dream Continues To Fade

Nearly half of working Californians are grappling with poverty, according to a new survey by the DC-based Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI). “These are people who are working and in many cases, multiple jobs and they’re still not able to make ends meet,”


How Women Get Paid What They Are Worth: The Inner Game of Purposeful Wealth

What underlies these common barriers, and moves leaders into confident, clear and effective action is developing their inner game. When leaders have rooted their identity in their purpose, transforming and overcoming the inner voices that keep them from taking risks, and creating a purpose-driven career plan, they take massive action rooted in their commitment to themselves and what they most care about in the world.

Thanks this week go to Drew S, Wade T, Eric K, Larry K, David P, Ron A, Brandon P, and all purposeful souls committed to elevating humanity

Please pay it forward!

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“The purpose of life is not to be happy.  It is to be useful, to be
honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have
lived and lived well.”
 – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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