Your Soul Food for the Equinox Friday Sept 21 2018: Purposeful Work Places & Harmonizing with Nature


This week:
Purposeful Work
The four Tenets of Conscious Capitalism include; Conscious Leadership, Conscious Culture, a Purpose orientation and engaging all Stakeholders in the work.


With regards to the culture piece we know structure impacts function and many are designing work environments to optimize culture.
Here is an interesting piece on Open Office Plans

Just How ‘Open’ Are Open Office Plans:

All of us in the world of work are cursed with meetings.
So, instead of complaining about the drain they place on organizations, here is something to make them better
9 Conscious Practices for Meetings that Shine:
Your meetings are the manifest expression of your culture. Slow down and take that in, because it’s important.

Harmonizing with Nature

In a far-flung corner of northern India, the region of Ladakh envelops a mystical “Moonland” of barren alpine desert, where Tibetan Buddhist monasteries hide among some of the world’s most impressive mountains. Long caught between powerful neighbors, the area only opened to tourists in the 1970s. Now photographers like Belgian Yuri Andries flock to this once impenetrable, otherworldly region to document its many contrasts in his series called Moonland.

Surreal Photos of Life in a Mystical Moonland

Hurricanes and the Most Beautiful Visuals of Atmospheric Circulation:
Hurricane season is upon us yet again. A hurricane is all about heat wanting to get to where it’s not. Hold an ice cube in your hand and it feels like the cold is coming into your hand. But it never works that way in this universe. It’s really the heat of your hand moving towards the ice cube. Same with a hurricane. It’s the excess heat in the ocean moving to the atmosphere, to where it’s not. As all that heat and water vapor rises, the earth’s spin puts a spin on the rising column. Voila! The ferocity of what comes next depends on how much heat is in the ocean, over what area, and the conditions aloft in the atmosphere.

A rather astonishing amount of excess energy is trying to find equilibrium in these objects. One good size hurricane like Florence is constantly releasing about 200 times our world’s electrical energy capacity.

Check out two things. First, what I think is the most beautiful representation of the complexity and aesthetic quality our atmosphere:

This first view is surface wind, and you’ll notice hurricanes in both the Pacific and three in the Atlantic – Florence, Isaac, and Helene. Click the earth button at lower left and you can show wind at various heights — the hpa numbers. It’s really air pressure at various heights with lower pressure being higher up in the atmosphere. 1000 hpa is near the surface. 250 hpa is at about 36,000 feet – the very top of the troposphere, the zone in which all weather takes place. Above that, you’ll notice that there is little or no sign of the hurricanes.

Second, I took a plane ride with the Hurricane Hunters a few years ago into Hurricane Gustav. Every bit of that adventure was exciting, but on reflection, one of my favorite memories is of the woman who piloted one of the most macho vehicles in the world – a WC-130 Hercules outfitted to fly into the eye of a Cat 5 hurricane. We men sometimes need a reminder that women can do anything and everything.

These amazing pilots, crew, and scientists are in these hurricanes at this very moment trying to figure out the details of how they work and where they might be headed.

Cheers, Charles




Thanks this week go to Eric K, Glenda O,  Charles S and Conscious Leaders Everywhere!
Stay conscious, purposeful, connected to nature and may you find your joy in the most unlikely places…

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“Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.”
Dr. Jonas Salk

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