Remembrance, Bringing Out Our Best, Taking Care of Our Mental Health and Aligning Around Shared Values Globally + A $1,000 Marketing Scholarship for a Local College Student


This week marked the 17th Anniversary of 911, National Suicide Prevention Week, World Suicide Prevention Day and International Literacy Day.

Let’s honor our past, confront the brutal facts but always maintain hope, as well as behave into the values and world we want to see and leave for our kids.

I get that most of us don’t want to talk about sex trafficking, suicidal thoughts, and other social ills, but we are only as sick as our secrets!

Bringing Out Our Best Self
How Bamboo Trees Will Bring Out Your Best Self with Les Brown:

Research Suggests At Least 10% of the World’s Population Fully Shares the Same Values
The Good Country: Human Race First & Citizens of their Own Country Second, More Govt. Cooperation & Less Competing- If Only Humanity Could Learn To Work As One

The Good Country is now much more than an idea, more than a TED talk and more than an Index: the Good Country is becoming a country. We’re not doing this because we want to build a better country, but because we need a new country to build a better world. Four years after Simon Anholt launched the Good Country Index at TED, our research has shown that at least ten percent of the world’s population fully shares the values of the Good Country.

That’s seven hundred million people, the world’s third largest nation. These are the people who, like us and perhaps like you, think of themselves as members of the human race first, and citizens of their own country second; people who’d like governments to focus a lot more on collaborating and a little less on competing; people who don’t mistrust or dislike other people just because they come from a different background; people who see a great future for humanity if only humanity could learn to work as one.

In just seven days, the Good Country becomes a country.

20,000 of our followers from 178 countries have already been in touch to say they want to be part of the first cohort of citizens when enrolment opens on our new website on September 17th. We really hope that you will be among them.

We’ll be welcoming just 200,000 citizens before closing again towards the end of the year. If each of our existing followers invites just 10 friends to enroll, we’ll reach our first target.

We’ll then spend the next nine months working with all of you to get everything ready for our main launch in September 2019, as well as planning and executing our first projects designed to “make the world work better.”

In the meantime, please keep an eye on our interim site for further information and downloads.

We look forward very much to welcoming you home to the Good Country next week.

With our warmest regards,

Simon and Madeline


National Suicide Prevention Week:


National Suicide Prevention Week
September 9-15, 2018

World Suicide Prevention Day
September 10, 2018

If your life has been touched by suicide, we are sorry for your pain.

If you or a loved one has ever contemplated suicide, please know that you are not alone.  We hope the six strategies below will be a reminder of the supports available around you and within you.

1.  Please Get Help as Soon as Possible
If you are experiencing suicidal ideations, please reach out to someone (including a mental health professional) as soon as possible.  Sometimes those that you reach out to won’t know how to support you in the way that you need, so you might have to figure that out together and/or reach out to a few different people.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) is available 24 hours a day.  If you get someone on the line you are not comfortable talking with, ask if you can speak to someone else.

2.  Create an Action Plan to Stay Alive

Create a realistic list of action items that you can follow in case the ideations intensify, and keep it readily accessible at all times.  Your list may include a few people you can try calling right away, a few places you can go where you can stay safe, and specific things you can do to try to deescalate the ideations.

Call 911 immediately if you are about to act on your suicidal ideations.
3.  Sustain Your Strength
Suicidal ideations can grow stronger when you don’t have the energy to counter them.  Even if you don’t want to eat, it’s crucial to give your brain and your body a consistent stream of nutrients found in fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy high-protein foods.  Practice eating mindfully and adjust your diet to what helps you feel better and gives you the most energy.

4.  Shift Your Mood with Your Body and Breath
Our body language reflects our mood, and the way we breathe reflects our emotions.  If your posture is slumped, sit or stand tall in a way to remind you of your strength.  If your breath is shallow, breathe in and out deeply to increase energy and mental clarity.

Try this Dynamic Mindfulness Practice to increase your vitality with the movement and breath:




5.  Give Yourself a Break by Disrupting Rumination
The overwhelming emotions and thoughts that accompany ideations can feel unbearably intense and relentless.  Give yourself a mental break by going outside for a stroll, even for a few minutes, and every time you see something beautiful or uplifting, take three deep breaths as you take in the moment.

You can also try this simple Dynamic Mindfulness Practice:



6.  Begin to See Yourself in a New Light
When experiencing ideations, our view of ourselves can become distorted.  As you engage in practices that nurture self-awareness, you can reframe the words you use to describe your experience so that you are not defined by your emotions.  Some possibilities for reframing include:


Please share this E-mail with anyone that could benefit from the strategies above.

May we always remember to see the inherent goodness and infinite strength in ourselves and each other.

With Care,

Rosalind Lwin
Training Director

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Empathy + Equity + Empowerment

Over the past 13 years, Niroga Institute has directly served 60,000 students in K-12 schools, and trained 12,000 educators from across the US in Dynamic Mindfulness, who have brought it to an additional 500,000 students
Join this community of leaders and build a movement.


Happy International Literacy Day!


Happy International Literacy Day!!!

Please join us as we celebrate the joy
and importance of literacy in the world and locally.


The San Diego Council on Literacy unites the community to
support literacy through advocacy, partnerships, coordination, and resources.
We represent a network of 27 literacy program partners
that annually serve 179,000 residents of all ages, at no cost.

If you are local…
Annual Global Empowerment Summit- Oct 6th
Through the Annual Global Empowerment Summit, we hope to motivate and mobilize local and global change makers and utilize existing mechanisms to sensitize and create awareness for critical social issues, such as human trafficking. We believe involved people working together on issues of common concern can find pathways for change, build better caring and sustainable
communities, and inform our youth, women, and girls, enabling them to take positive action on societal issues.

Pre-Summit Workshops including one I am facilitating: “Man UP!”- Oct 5th
No more by-standing, it’s time for trans-formation…Redefining the role of men in eliminating violence against women.
If you are ready to model a new level of what it means to be a real man, build efficacy and agency around this new role, and be a part of the solution to eliminating the pervasive social ills of sexual assault, sex trafficking and other forms of violence and exploitation, this workshop is designed to help you honor, envision, and embody a new mindset, heart set, and skillset.

Power In Purpose: Advancing The New World Of Commerce + Cause- Oct 11th and 12th
Collectively, we deliver an impactful conference experience that inspires and empowers organizations to implement strategies for purposeful communities, businesses and growth.

$1,000 Nonprofit Marketing Scholarship Available:
The San Diego Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA San Diego) and Chamber of Purpose will award $1,000+ to a San Diego County college student who has demonstrated exemplary application of business and marketing practices to help a local, regional or national nonprofit organization that is a legally recognized, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. This act of service should be related to the 2018 conference theme:

Thanks this week go to Marlaine C, Elizabeth D, the Niroga Institute, the San Diego Council on Literacy, A4E, Chamber of Purpose and Cause Conference Volunteers!

Take care of Yourself and please pay if forward!

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“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.”
-John W. Whitehead

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