Happy Soul Food Friday for Oct 30th 2015: The Meaning of Life, Character Matters Honors REAL ED and Natural Quotes

Happy Soul Food Friday!

This week:

Enjoy The Meaning of Life, Character Matters Honors REAL ED, and Natural Quotes

The Meaning of Life

I was in New York last week looking forward to lunch and the waiter greeted us with “What can I do for you”.

I couldn’t resist shooting back “Tell me the meaning of life”.

And he said – without a moment’s hesitation – “To love and be loved”.

I jotted it on my phone. I can remember that more than the meal I ate because not only is he right but if he is – many of us are in big trouble.

We’re too worried about making money.

Handling the stress in our lives.

Dealing with difficult people.

All the money in the world is meaningless if we cannot remember that we’re on this earth first and foremost to love and to be loved

Character Matters: Gratitude is the Queen of Virtues and Empathy is the King

USD’s gem Edward DeRoche is presented the 2015 Sanford N. McDonnell Lifetime Achievement Award, and it is most well-deserved for modeling and mentoring matters of character in education and beyond!

Pick it up at around 11 minutes if you are short on time and experience “REAL ED”…


Pictures and Quotes to Brighten Your Day

Thanks this week go to James R, Pat M, and Larry H.

Stay Positive and Pay it Forward!



Soul Purpose

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