SFF for Oct 23rd 2015: Social Equity, Cultural Diversity & Global Picture-osity

Happy Soul Food Friday

This week: Social Equity and Cultural Diversity

Here is an ROI (Return on Inspiration) poem from the A4E Summit in the past week:

Ode to Empowerment, Owed to the ‘Heart-ist’ in YOU

Inspired by the Presenters at A4E

It’s not important what you look at,

What’s important is what you see,

See me, respect me, remember me.


What good is sight, if you have no vision?

Realize, with re-a-l eyes,

There is no division.


Know your vision and stay true to it,

Through passion, purpose, and strategic partnership.

 Empower a compassion-based, kind comm-unity

Ennoble self-efficacy with universal access to opportunity


See me, respect me, remember me,

My demography won’t determine MY destiny!


Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo

Our world so needs the transmutation in you.

To hide your pain is to hide your power,

This might be your finest hour.

That’ MY sister, MY daughter, MY kin, MY wife,

Love it. Own it. Elevate Your Life!

 You are the change we wish to see,

Let’s manifest it thru A-4-E.

Remember lasting change comes from within,

I will stop now as time is running thin…


Your soul speaks.

Are you listening?

Your soul speaks.

Am I listening?

Is your heart singing yet?

A4E Summit

The Alliance 4 Empowerment (A4E) is a non-profit organization created to empower underserved people with the universal opportunity to live with dignity, self-esteem, respect and love, in the San Diego region and beyond. Our goal is to create inspired, innovative & inclusive communities that are sustainable economically, socially and environmentally, and to develop platforms for full participation of women and youth globally.

A4E provides a hand up instead of a hand out, ensuring recipients thrive through the power of Social Credit loans, rather than a historical dependency on charity.  This unique model strives to overcome poverty at the root level through a more efficient use of capital and innovation. Our primary focus is building financially inclusive communities, by helping hard-working individuals develop their existing skills into profitable, self-sustaining small businesses, in a nurturing, loving and supportive environment.

To attain this goal, A4E partners with existing community organizations. Instead of working in silos, A4E  collaborates with other effective nonprofits to identify as well as work with qualified social entrepreneurs to leverage global connections with the expertise to enable them to maximize their impact, increase employment and use resources sustainably. Knowing that access to affordable quality health care is essential for communities to thrive economically and socially, A4E advocates for community access to quality healthcare and wellness programs, that contribute to long-term growth and prosperity.

Here is a link to the first part of the A4E summit:

As a sampler, you might want to listen to the two keynotes by UC San Diego Vice Chancellor Dr. Becky Pettit, starting at 36:16 and Dr. Twyla Garrett, Senior Advisor to Homeland Security at 1:07 as their stories will definitely strike a chord as they set the stage for the day!

Usher’s New Video Confronts Racial Injustice Like You’ve Never Seen

“It is important not only to feel the issue but to face it.” #DontLookAway


Mixed Race Indians Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Being a mixed race Indian child myself this article resonated for me…

 “What are you?” might just be the most commonplace question every Indian child learns to respond to, dodge, or deflect, depending on how they feel about the person who’s doing the asking. Ethnicity, race, and personal identity continue to forge an inexplicable link the world over—often highlighting our differences rather than bringing us together. The latter two, however, are aspects of the human experience we consider far too little…


Amazing Pictures From Around The World

Thanks this week go to all the inspired souls at  A4E, the Cathedral Clan in Bombay and now distributed world-wide, everyone focused on building inclusive communities and Larry H for the pics!

Pay it Forward…



Inner Peace

Soul Purpose

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