Your Soul Food of Friday for November 6 2015: Just Start, Don’t Underestimate Women Like RBG, and Pictures from Drones that Will Take Your Breath Away!

Happy Soul Food Friday!








This week:

All’s Well that Begins Well

Just Start

The Notorious RBG: The Supreme Court Just Turned Cultural Icon

Pictures from Drones that Will Take Your Breath Away!


All’s Well that Begins Well so let this vid set the tone:



Just Start with Robin Sharma:

Language is powerful. The words we use drive the deeds we do.

Call a condition a problem and you get to reply to it from the position of a victim.

Speak an excuse, and you get to deliver your power to it, sometimes for a lifetime.


Words can destroy people’s confidence, provoke their greatness, electrify your performance and free entire nations.

Maybe two of the best ones to recite to automaticity so they become a part of your vocabulary are…

…Just start.


Nothing happens until you move!

And once you do, life begins to put the wind behind your sails. The Muse comes out to play. Your best self starts revealing more of its higher nature.




–just start the needle-moving project that will rewire your career


–just start the conversation needed to forgive the unforgiven


–just start the run that will become your marathon


–just start the craft that will raise you to genius


–just start the relationship that will lead you to love


–just start the book that will awaken your thinking


–just start the course that will transform your life


–just start the habit that will shift your productivity


–just start the dream that will change the world.


You’ve been blessed with hidden jewels that lie deep within. These are the talents that slumber, the gifts that lay dormant, and the calls on your life that we all ask you to live.


Without you showing up, shining fully, standing up after you’ve fallen, persisting when you feel like surrendering, we’ll all be less of a human family. Things will be colder. And the world will be less bright.


So please. Just start. We’ll applaud your rise. And watch your star blaze the path that so many will follow.

With love, respect and enormous encouragement.


The Notorious RBG: The Supreme Court Justice Turned Cultural Icon

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been underestimated for her whole life and her story will blow you away…

Choose YOUR authentic heroes- she is one of mine!



Pictures from Drones that Will Take Your Breath Away!

Seen from a drone.PPS


Thanks this week go to Larry H, Robin S, Citizens that pay for NPR rather than free loading off others- so stories like RBG’s can be aired and shared, Underestimated women everywhere, & Pets that love us unconditionally- often modeling more humanity than “humans”…


Don’t wait. Initiate!

Pay it forward today…



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