Soul Food for Your Friday Jan 30th 2015: Grand Canyons – Some Good and Some Bad

Happy Soul Food Friday!

Grand Canyon

There are so many grand canyons in our world today…

Some present as vast gaps in inequality, some chasms of understanding, some the difference between knowing and doing, and others just glorious splendor.

Enjoy this week, mind the gap and pay if forward…



An important life lesson for all:

How our perceptions change our actions…

We can’t rewrite history but we can right history!

Friendship 9 Activists Exonerated 54 Years Later…

The Real Grand Canyon–like you have never seen it!

Closing the Gap to Smarter Teams

In the final analysis real value is generated not just by the individuals and their talents, performance and competencies, but by the teams they belong to and the culture (system) they operate in. It is BOTH/AND/ALL, forest AND trees!

In the spirit of a better WE not just ME, this New York Times article from just a few days ago is thought provoking:

The smartest teams were distinguished by three characteristics…

Collective and Emotional Intelligence Said Another Way:

Culture Matters! 7 Cultural Concepts we Don’t Have in the US

If you are Local-

 UC San Diego Leadership Day Feb 14th

Change Your Leadership Lens

Close the gap between for profit and nonprofit enterprise with purpose-driven systems on Feb 12th:

SDNA logo

Join The San Diego Nonprofit Association

Making A Difference Every Day

Thanks this week go to Anne S, Larry H, Paul S, Glenda O, Sarah A, Sparky B, and Civic Leaders Everywhere!

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