Your Soul Food Friday for Friday Feb 6th 2015

Happy Soul Food Friday

Pizza Pup

This week:

Restrictive Human Beliefs, Expansive Orbital Perspectives, Staying Young, Chasing Naughty Pets and Learning to Listen like Amazing Musicians

The Psychology Behind Why Some Kids Go Unvaccinated: Collective Action Dilemmas

And what we can learn about Human Beliefs Shaped by Pre-Existing Views in the Tragedy of the Commons

Start from the Heart, not from the Head to Build Relationships & Build Trust and Acknowledge Someone’s Fear

An Orbital Perspective: I’m Astronaut Ron Garan and This Is How I Work

Perhaps the Challenges Facing the Earth Become More Clear From a Distance…

Be Bold and Never Leave the Playground:

The Thieves Who Live Among Us:

Let me take you out with some righteous music:

Two masters building energy with and from each other and demonstrate why good listening is the key to making great music together:

If you are local:

What do 178,000 San Diegans (enough to fill 3 Qualcomm stadiums) know and experience and a chance to join them…

Refer A Friend_

Refer A Friend

Thanks this week to Ron M, Larry H, Facebook friends sharing Soul-filling content and “heartists” EVERYWHERE
Pay it Forward!



“Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.”
— Pablo Picasso

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