Your Soul Food for Friday Feb 3rd, 2023: “Text Without Context Is Pretext”

Happy Soul Food Friday!

This week, I was afforded the once in a lifetime opportunity to invest a day of my life, visiting San Quentin prison, getting a 4.5-hour tour of the facility including “Death Row’s” exercise area, the yard, the infirmary, the dungeon and so much more, and then having the opportunity to play tennis with the inmates for several hours.

Hurt people hurt people

Healing people heal people

More on this life-changing visit next week, once I have had a chance to digest, process, and synthesize the totality of this experience…

Meanwhile here is a bit on me, as what follows next week is informed by what life experience preceded this, over more than 60 years of living multi-culturally in this crazy world.

Text, without context is pretext:

Neville Billimoria | Senior Vice President of Membership & Community Relations, Mission Federal Credit Union | The Gap Minders

Thanks this week go to my conscious leader brothers, and Nancy S and Jose C, for a fun and meaningful interview on The Gap Minders

Please don’t take your health, or your freedom to choose in this moment, for granted.



Twitter: @NevilleB108

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu:

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