Love Beyond Valentine’s Day, Fostering Inclusiveness, and Confronting the Brutal Truths of Climate Emergency Before It Is Too Late!

This week:


Extending Valentine’s Day attention, affirmation and action beyond just one day per year
Couples Who Stay Together Do This Small Thing for Each Other 86 Percent of the Time
What makes a marriage or long-term relationship work? You may think it’s all about romance such as giving great gifts or planning wonderful celebrations on birthdays and anniversaries. Or you may think it’s about great sex and keeping the passion alive. Not so much…



Fostering Inclusiveness
You Can’t Say You Can’t Play with Seth Godin:
Lenny Levine was a great kindergarten teacher. And he ran his class by this one rule.
It’s a bit like giving every kid in the class a valentine’s day card…


Getting Real On The Climate Emergency
Where are We Metaphorically On the Scoville Scale?



Nature Doesn’t Lie
Satellite images show iceberg bigger than Seattle break away from Antarctic glacier:
Satellite images from the European Space Agency show when a massive iceberg split from a glacier in Antarctica on Tuesday.
Combined, the images demonstrate how icebergs — the size of major cities and small countries — are breaking off into the ocean at a faster rate due to the earth’s changing climate.


The Man Who Called the Financial Crisis Has Another Warning for Investors
The Financial Implications Of the Climate Emergency Are Dire…
An interview with GMO founder Jeremy Grantham


Meet The Man Who Thinks Humans Should Go Extinct
It’s not new information that global warming is slowly but surely destroying our planet. However, as most of us frantically start recycling everything in sight, one person thinks he knows the best way to potentially fix the problem.
That person is American substitute teacher, Les Knight.


Stay informed and stay active.
Thanks this week go to Cathy J, Moshe E, and all you lovers of humanity that are willing to confront the brutal facts while always maintaining hope!

Please Pay It Forward and Happy Birthday AYSHA!

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“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

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