Facing it Together, Work is Love Made Visible, Catching the Amare Wave and More….

This week:


Facing it Together:
5 year old supporter Tempy and 38 year old beneficiary Si talk about what it is that makes the bond between Help for Heroes and its supporters so special…


Notes from the Corporate Underground- A Different Perspective Besides Divisiveness:
Visiting Berlin with Stan S
A few years ago I visited Berlin for a business meeting.  First time to the city. I grew up during the Cold War, which was always threatening to heat up.  We hunkered under our wooden school desks to prepare for the blast wave of a thermonuclear attack.  Even at the age of 10, I recognized the lunacy of that act.

Over five decades later, I found myself wandering the streets of the city that epitomized the degree of divisiveness in the world at that time.  A city, and a whole country, cut in half.  The west represented the democratic allies from World War II, and the east represented the communist countries forming what was known as the Soviet Bloc. These two ideologies were mutually exclusive, alternate forms of government founded on alternate views of reality.  Like matter and antimatter, when they might come into contact they would annihilate each other.  Or threaten to…




If you are local…

Getting to the Heart of Business
THE AMARE WAVE IS HERE! Business Love Part 2

Join us on Friday, 7-10 pm, November 15, for a truly remarkable celebration. What’s up? A huge and positive wave of change is already well underway in San Diego. We aim to celebrate and grow it together, at our next big event on Friday evening November 15.

San Diego is helping lead the way to encourage the heart, exemplified with the latest work of two local authors, Moshe Engelberg and Steve Farber, and convened by local organizations including the Chamber of Purpose San Diego.

You’re invited to the official San Diego book launch party for The Amare Wave: Uplifting Business by Putting Love to Work  by our own Moshe Engelberg and the building of this new turning tide! No one of us is as powerful as all of us and there is no bystanding! We’re inviting you to co-lead this momentous wave bringing the power of love to the forefront of successful business. This is way more than just a launch party; this is a sea change to an entirely new future for all of us.

Join us on Friday, November 15 from 7-10 PM at Corporate Alliance of San Diego. There’ll be food, mingling with kindred spirits and great collective energy. Easy parking too. And bonus- great live music from a surprise “Amare” band! And we’ll have other nourishment and sustenance for your heart and soul too. Formal invitation forthcoming.

Neville and Moshe and Steve

10.18.19-2 10.18.19-3

“Work is love made visible.” 
–Kahlil Gibran


Join the Blue Ribbon Challenge and Help Honor One Billion People On Earth:



Uniting Humanity Through the Power of Love
1 Billion People Honored…1 Billion Dreams Coming True in 2020
Help Us “BRING the BING!”… the sound that makes dreams come true.™


Honor People During the Holiday’s and All Year-Long

 “The ‘Who I Am Makes A Difference’® Blue Ribbon Acknowledgment Ceremony is the antidote to anger, violence and self-destruction.”
Dr. Ken Druck – best-selling author “Raising An Aging Parent”, “Courageous Aging, and “The Real Rules of Life”

Clink link:  https://blueribbons.org/10-free-ribbons

  1. View new 7-Minute Blue Ribbon movie.
    original story #1 for 10 weeks on YouTube in nonprofit category.
  1. Receive 10 Free Blue Ribbons & 7-Step Acknowledgment Ceremony.
  2. Honor others. Let them know how much they make a difference. Cheer them on for their dreams by giving them a BING!
  3. Take pictures of those you honor wearing Blue Ribbons.
  4. Post pictures and stories on social media adding
    #BlueRibbonBING! #WhoIAmMakesADifference #OneBillionDreams

Please pay it forward.


Creating Safe, Supportive and Empowering Communities
Where dreams really do come true

For More Information
www.BlueRibbonsWorldwide.org   Sparky@BlueRibbons.org

 Neville Billimoria – Sr. V.P. Mission Federal
“In a world typified by greed, selfishness, manipulation, disrespect, secrecy, and a single-minded focus on winning; imagine a community characterized by high levels of positive energy where appreciation, compassion, collaboration, trustworthiness, resilience, wisdom, loyalty, honesty and respect are the norm. The Blue Ribbon Culture is a powerful system where children and adults may live, dream and succeed knowing that who they are makes a difference.”

Steve Farber – Best-Selling Author “Love is Just Damn Good Business”  “The Radical Leap” “Greater Than Yourself”
“Love is the ultimate motivation of the Extreme Leader: love of something or someone, love of a cause, love of a principle, love of the people you work with and the customers you serve, love of the future you and yours can create together, love of the business you conduct together every day.
Blue Ribbons Worldwide gives people of all ages permission to grow, succeed and love. ”



New Connections by Mission Fed:



Connections by Mission Fed Newsletter

The NEW Connections by Mission Fed newsletter is a quarterly corporate update to all of our members on the latest Mission Fed news, member information and highlights from recent community events.

The community events in this newsletter are just some of the many ways that Mission Fed supports and gives back to the local San Diego community—your membership makes this possible!

Thank you for your membership and please enjoy the NEW Connections by Mission Fed newsletter!




Thanks this week go to Larry H, Stan S, Everyone riding the Amare Wave, Sparky Bridges, and the Mission Fed team committed to the betterment of San Diego!

Pay it forward

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