Celebrating My Father Dr. Billi and a Life Well Lived!

This week:



I dedicate this week’s blog with deep blessings and gratitude to my beloved Dad Phiroze who passed this week, less than a month shy of his 90th birthday. His work as a physician (healer), his love of reading (scholar), his joy of music (artist), his gift as a great teacher (educator) and love of sport (sportsman) live on forever…

This handwritten note was in Dad’s wallet:

Happy National Volunteers Month:
Do invest your discretionary energy in purposeful causes that elevate humanity!
Strategic volunteering is a powerful lever in making our world a sweeter place.

5 Powerful Types of Music That Increase Your Productivity, According to Science:
Music has a subtle way of entering our lives and changing the way we feel. It permeates through empty corners and fills our rooms with substance. It can help you relax, make you well up in tears, or feel alive.
But can it make you more productive? Pick your fav and enjoy the wonder of music to transform us!



8 Ways to Read the Books You Wish You Had Time For:
With all that garbage reading, who has time for books anymore?


On Student/Teacher Relationships:
Sometimes teachers don’t understand the importance that their relationship with each student has on that student’s identity and sense of belonging.

Emotional control, social and relationship skills are learned behaviors that must be taught and practiced by all students.
Enter—the teacher!
The ones that know how to counsel and conduct; the ones that respect, care about and show concern for, the character development of their students. The ones that create a positive learning environment and show that they care are most likely to have their students reciprocate and show respect for them and their fellow classmates.
Enjoy the rest of Dr. Ed’s April Blog…
April Blog Relationships

Thanks to those who light the lamp and lead the way from darkness to light.
We must pay it forward for them…

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Asato ma sad gamaya | tamaso ma jyotir gamaya | mrtyor ma amrtam gamaya

“From what is not, lead me to what is; from darkness, lead me to light; from death, lead me to what is undying.”

–Brhadaranyaka Upanisad

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