Your Soul Food for the First Friday of 2019: Captured in a Spell of Gratitude, 10 Heartwarming Stories & 4 Conscious Choices to Energize You to Live Your BEST Life in the New Year

Happy Soul Food Friday for the New Year!

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This week:

This missive sent out to my inner circle was well received so I am sending it out more broadly to kick off the New Year with full intention to actualize your joy, wisdom and well-being in the new year…

Captured in a Spell of Gratitude

“Silence is the Language of God.

All Else is Poor Translation.”- Rumi

Creating a Masterpiece:

As artists we seem to share the same canvas and similar aspirations about the masterpiece. It is threaded by respect for life, helping others find freedom, living in harmony and being of service. In weaving this fabric we simultaneously make our dreams, and those of the planet come true. Alignment with nature both outer nature and our inner nature is a powerful multiplex, moving energy in both directions.

Polishing the Mirror of Our Mind:

By taming the mind without domesticating it, turning our internal enemies and doubts into allies and resources, owning our own distortions made up of cognitive, unconscious and implicit biases, as well as waking up from the nightmare (as contrasted with the dream) of unconsciousness through active practice and self-forgiveness into the manifest reality of present moment awareness we become the dream-masters our world needs. May we transform our deepest wounds into our greatest gifts…

On Matters of Worthiness:

Part of our purpose journey is about vigilantly stalking our mind and ambushing the parasites within. Both the fallacy that we are not enough or its inverse that we are “all that and a bag of chips” are equally destructive. Dispelling the darkness & shadow shape shifting so others are seen in the clear mirror of our self-reflection brings to light our deepest selves and mobilizes our greatest good.

Leveraging our Strengths, Interests and Values:

Our competencies are not brute strength and cunning but inspiration, imagination and creative spirit. These fuel and foster courage, love and wisdom as we release unhealthy beliefs and behaviors and wake up to the promise and potentiality right in front of us.

We don’t have to be well-rounded, our team does!

We are judged by the company we keep, so choose wisely.

Through mindful practice, in a syntactical inversion of consciousness, we realize the mind isn’t in here and the world out there but just the opposite! By applying the distinction with a difference between judgement and discernment we move ourselves and others to the light.

Thanks for sharing yourself and the journey with us and helping cast a new and powerfully positive spell on our community.

Wishing you peace, prosperity & purpose as we propel ourselves on another journey around the sun and start a new year.




10 Heartwarming CA Stories About Acts Of Kindness In 2018:

With every tragedy there is an act of kindness to accompany it. Here are California stories that will melt your heart.

4 Conscious Choices to Energize You to Live Your Best Life in the New Year:

The start of a New Year is wonderful time to connect to your heart’s deepest yearnings — and do so in a way that energizes your capacity to create more of what you yearn to bring into your life.

Thanks this week go to Marlaine C, and all of you that energize my purpose practice in extended family, in meaningful work & in conscious community!

Here’s wishing you a passionate, purposeful and positive New Year…



“Even after all this time

the sun never says to the earth,

“You owe me.”

Look what happens with a love like that

It lights the whole world.”–Hafiz

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