Your Soul Food for Christmas Week 2018: Acts of Kindness, Most Popular Ted Talks & the Best Photos of 2018


Thanks this year go to all of you who are committed to finding freedom, living in harmony and being of service

This week:

10 Incredible Acts of Kindness


The 25 Most Popular TED Talks of 2018:


The best photos of 2018 from National Geographic:
National Geographic’s 100 best images of the year—curated from 107 photographers, 119 stories, and more than two million photographs. Read the full story


Kindness Pledge:

Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday season and a peaceful, prosperous and purposeful New Year!

Please Pay it Forward with Purpose & Love


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“Heaven on Earth is a choice you must
make, not a place we must find.”–Wayne Dyer

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