The Transformative Power of Music, Activating Your Second Brain, Slowing Down Aging & the Joy of Language

This week:
The Transformative Power of Music, Activating Your Second Brain, Slowing Down Aging & the Joy of Language


Stay Present
Bob Dylan’s Hurricane Still Timely Decades Later:
A powerful reminder of our long history of structured racism in this country- poignantly recounted by the master lyricist and story teller…

“If you have to ask what Jazz is you will never know” –Louis Armstrong


Stay Young
5 Places Where People Slow Down Aging:
After discovering that there are longevity hot spots where people tend to live especially long, writer Dan Buettner spent over a decade locating and documenting these areas, dubbed “blue zones.” “I increasingly was interested in mysteries that dealt with the human condition,” says Buettner, a National Geographic fellow. Through that research, he found several factors that might prolong health and life for people in blue zones. “Longevity is a consequence of constant, long term little things,”


Stay Fluid
Techniques to Activate the Second Brain:
Love is in the heart, but what about the other organs?
Time to pay more attention to our bodies and not just our biceps
Neuroscience and Wisdom Traditions exploring new models to give us health and energy


Stay Teachable
This Grammar Fanatic Wants To Start A Conversation About Language:
Jovin who sets up her table in the middle of the city every week, has helped a wide variety of people — from a young girl from El Salvador writing a college application essay, to a woman angered by others’ use of the word “none.” Above all, though, Jovin wants people to know her grammar table is a friendly one — and there are no grammar police.




Stay Inspired
Jacob Collier Makes Staggering, Complex Music Feel Effortless:
Insights into Maximalism for those who use art to advance humanity…


Thanks this week go to Hillel K for his joy playing Hurricane, Marlaine C for advancing the mandatory curriculum with Parenting 2.0, and you for reading and caring!

Please pay it forward with purpose

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“You Rise By Lifting Others.” – Robert Green Ingersoll

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