How to Recognize a Dystopia and What To Do About It

This week:


Advice From The Beatles:

As my buddy Greg B shared with me, “each member of the Fab Four held a different harmonic of Divine vibration, which made the “chord” they made together all the more rich and powerful”:
Paul = Love
John = Peace
George = Freedom
Ringo = Joy
If you think about this for a bit, it makes total sense…12.07.18-2

Diseases of Despair:
The disease killing (white) Americans goes way deeper than opioids…

Join the ‘Inner Peace Corps’:
We are the American family, and many of us are hurting and feeling isolated, lonely and scared.
Let’s step up. Let’s serve one another. Let’s be friends…

Getting Beyond a Single Bottom Line:
Here is a short segment on CW8 with yours truly focusing on business as a force for good in our community

Thanks this week go to Kaiyoze B, NPR/KPBS, the Conscious Leaders Collective, and the Mission Fed team that strive to behave into our values everyday…

Wishing you and your family all the hope, wonder and joy the holiday season can bring!

Stay Purposeful.

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LOVE is our Soul Purpose”

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