The week of National Teacher Appreciation Day, National Day of Prayer & Cinco de Mayo! May the Fourth Be With YOU…

This week:


Celebrating National Day of Prayer!
May all religions, world views, spiritual traditions, and beliefs be affirmed and supported if they hold love, kindness, compassion and the goodwill of all people and all sentient beings at their core, whether you pray, meditate, contemplate, reflect in churches, mosques, fire temples, synagogues, in nature on wherever you feel deeply connected to your higher self!


Celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Day!
California Teacher of the Year & former Escondido Elementary teacher, Alex Kajitani, launched Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Teachers. The event and book launch at the Schulman Theater in Carlsbad this week included heartwarming stories of the transformative impact teachers have on our students, and on the world, shared life lessons beyond the classroom and at their core, reminded us for the power of “I believe in YOU!”
Chicken Soup for the Soul does offer hats that say, “Make America KIND Again”
Thanks to all of you that transform the lives of so many for the better…


Vista Unified and UC San Diego celebrated the soft launch of the Center for Educational Research and Practice:
Featuring research in real time in a real place, this model predicated on co-creation and co-design will set new national and global standards when it comes to fostering creativity and critical thinking skills.

May the Fourth Be With You:
8 Holidays From Pop Culture We Need To Celebrate…

Do you have this trait?
When people are extra open to new experiences — a trait that’s also been linked to insight and imagination — things can look a little different.
“Their brains are able to flexibly engage with less conventional solutions”$yu2qPT7:l5tZ+S1D/

The 10 C’s of Great Leadership:
Here are ten “must have’” characteristics that enable great leaders to exceed strategic goals, build strong teamwork, foster innovation, and engage their workforce at a higher level. The best employees choose to work for these leaders and will follow them anywhere…

Be the Change You Want to See
National Philanthropy Day 2017: Call for Nominations:
Help spread the word and generate awareness and nominations for all the generous and kind people and organizations that contribute their time, talent and treasure to transform San Diego!
Here is a clip with Whitney Southwick from NBC 7 chatting with me about this…
You can access the AFP nominations page at:

Thanks this week go to Alex K, Matt D & Alan D and all the inspirational educators that are creating a better future for our kids, Peter S for pushing the envelope on leadership, Meg M for thinking outside of the box, and all the kind and generous San Diegans making every day National Philanthropy Day!

Pay it Forward!

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“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.
Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.
Imagination encircles the world.”

–Albert Einstein

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