Civility is What Love and Justice Look Like in Public and the Practice of Conscious Leadership

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To paraphrase Cornel West, Civility is What Love and Justice Look Like in Public:
In the last week I attended the 6th Annual Community Conference on Restoring Civility here in San Diego. Some pundits say our hyper-partisan orientation has not been this polarized and negative since the Civil War (and that’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one)!
Today, 79% of Americans believe incivility is a crisis
“We have been tracking how civility impacts our nation’s social fabric since 2010, and we have seen a steady increase over that time in the recognition of how civility is a major problem facing Americans,” said Andy Polansky, CEO of Weber Shandwick.

Any theory of change must include a healing piece to go along with the theory of action or it simply will not uptake and stick.
Distinctions were made between debate, deliberations, discourse and dialogue.
Some takeaways: When you are addressing situations fraught with opposing and deep seeded beliefs, facts don’t seem to matter. What matters is LISTENING to UNDERSTAND the other person’s beliefs and striving to find shared experiences that can be the foundation from which civil dialogue can ensue. We have to get out of our echo chambers and start engaging civilly or we can forget about the “reunited” states of America.
Check out the and the civility scorecard for some ideas and best practices…

How early is too early to start teaching principles of democracy and the need for civil not just civic engagement?
Here is an approach that could scale across the nation, inspired from insights gleaned from the presenters and participants at the civility conference.

What if ALL universities (institutions of higher learning) saw themselves first and foremost as community colleges (to be great globally you must be strong and relevant locally), took it upon themselves to equip young people for the world ahead with these transferrable and irreplaceable social skills of cultural competency & committed to serving as the centers of civility and safe/brave spaces in their communities- however they choose to define and embrace community.
As part of their authentic outreach to their local stakeholders uni-versities, probably better reframed as multi-versities can help discern the difference between free speech and protected speech, teach and model civility both on their campuses and in their larger community.

What if these student-run initiatives were modeled in the spirit of learn, practice, teach and each cohort as part of community service scaled the work and taught these skills to each other? This could be student leaders to other students. University students to high school students. High school students to Middle schoolers…
Faculty and students from Washington State University Vancouver modeled a training session for deliberative dialogue fabulously so we know the pilot is in place both here and in other areas.
No longer can universities self-ascribe to being the wisdom holders and culture bearers in society if they can’t embed these values in their community, and they will be most likely to achieve this by partnering with the community leaders that are also wisdom holder and culture bearers sans the ped-degree.
Isn’t it time we turn our deepest wounds into a personal/community mission and might civility in its most basic form become a civil right and responsibility we preserve and protect for future generations?
I invite each of us today, to make a commitment to modeling civility. After all the whole world and our kids are watching!


5 Deadly Sins of Conscious Leadership
It’s hard to positively define conscious leadership, but you can be sure that if you’re making any of these fatal mistakes, you’re not actually practicing it…


If you are Local (by Chronology):

Encinitas Street Fair April 29th and 30th
Swing by the stage right next to the Lotus Café on the 101 at 11 am on Saturday and catch us singing some Beatles tunes and playing some Jack Johnson with the Encinitas School of Music:

Mission Federal ArtWalk 2017 April 29 and 30th in San Diego’s Little Italy:
Get out and enjoy some of San Diego’s finest art experience on what promises to be a sun-filled weekend with local heart-ists!
Hope to see you there Sunday…

Conscious Contracts & Covenants: Maintaining your conscious vision … even after you’re gone May 3rd 4-7:30 Enlightened Win/Win Agreements that Support the Conscious Vision of its Leaders

How do you create a conscious culture when your company’s structural documents are unconscious? We must bring awareness and consciousness to our short- and long-term interactions, to how we treat and negotiate with each other. That is the essence of both Enlightened Negotiation and Conscious Contracts.
If you are interested in creating a more conscious organization, you will value this…
Learn. Network. REGISTER.


“Embody Your Future”

Saturday, May 6 at 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Marriott Courtyard Hotel, Solana Beach  (717 South Highway 101)

This is a complimentary event with Scott Coady where he will share some fundamental leadership principles and address any questions you have about The Art of Leadership Mastery Program, his work with The Institute for Embodied Wisdom, and his unique and powerful approach to leadership, embodiment and distinctions of language.

Scott Coady is the founder of the Institute for Embodied Wisdom in Ojai, CA and the founder of the Association of Transformational Leaders SoCal.  He works with CEOs and executive teams around the world on transformational leadership and high performance teaming.

Scott will personally introduce you to some of the techniques and practices taught in his Art of Leadership Mastery Program ( ). These techniques can enable you to generate a more authentic and powerful presence, support you in generating trust, becoming a more authentic and powerful leader for yourself and for your organization.

Eventbrite Link –
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The Samurai Game®

Sunday, May 7 at 9 AM – 6 PM

The Samurai Game® is a fast-paced, highly challenging simulation training. Live and unscripted, it presents a series of fascinatingly unpredictable and challenging situations that reflect the pressures of professional and personal life.

The Samurai Game® requires each participant to fully engage with others and become keenly aware of the interplay of thought, feeling, action and outcome. From this perspective, individuals and teams become more aware of existing habits and the potential for positive constructive change and action. Participants have experienced:

* Move More Decisively When There is No Clear Choice * Unlock Your Ability to Flow: Take on More with Less Effort * Increase Self Awareness and Self Trust * Learn to Build Trust and Rapport in Critical Situations  * Practice Mindfulness Under Pressure * Learn to Strengthen Trust and Alliances in Critical Situations

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Thanks this week go to:
Carl L, Ken D, and all the organizers and attendees of the Civility Conference
Eric K and all the members of the Conscious Leaders Collective
The San Diego Chapter of Conscious Capitalism
The Mission Fed ArtWalk team
and Robert Mc. for sharing Scott Coady with us!

Pay it forward!

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Civility is What Love and Justice Look Like in Public”

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