35 Years Teaching the Wisdom Traditions, and Every Day is Philanthropy Day …


“Come friends, it’s not too late to seek a newer world.” – Alfred Tennyson

This week:
EVERY Day is National Philanthropy Day in San Diego

November 16th 2016 marks the 44th annual celebration of National Philanthropy Day (NPD) around the country. But EVERY Day is National Philanthropy Day in San Diego. If you are committed to a New Culture of Philanthropy, We Hope We See You There
San Diego has a long and distinguished history of philanthropy.  Even in a region with a limited number of national corporate headquarters or industries that spawn the wealthy, this community has demonstrated enduring kindness and generosity to help better the lives of San Diegans in need. November 16th 2016 marks the 44th annual celebration of National Philanthropy Day (NPD) around the country, and San Diego’s gathering is one of the largest in the nation. This is a huge testament to the generosity and civic engagement of our community.  NPD is an important opportunity to recognize and celebrate the critical role philanthropy plays to position San Diego as both America’s finest city and America’s kindest region.

Whether you define philanthropy as a love of humankind, or an activity intended to promote human welfare,” said Neville Billimoria, SVP Membership/Marketing and Chief Advocacy Officer Mission Federal Credit Union, “we know that to have a healthy vibrant region to strengthen our social fabric, we need the interdependent work of committed nonprofits working effectively on their mission, coupled with generous and smart investing by philanthropists.”

Billimoria noted that while the heart-set has not changed, both the face and nature of philanthropy has evolved significantly over the last decade and it is time for our mind-set to catch up. Today’s new face of philanthropy is engaging so many heroes – young people and adults — through strategic volunteering.

Keely Tidrow, AFP San Diego President and Major Gifts Officer, Old Globe Theatre stated that efforts in philanthropy have moved from working largely in silos to solve a specific problem to more systemic, integrated efforts that achieve collective impact.  AFP has a unique opportunity where over 300 local non-profit professionals convene monthly to discuss how to collectively work together to solve and better our community by saying that Philanthropy Matters in San Diego.

“Today,” said Tidrow, “there are more nonprofits doing good work- 12,000+ in San Diego- seeking support and exposure, a more diverse and inclusive community than ever before. Today’s leaders understand that effective collaboration and partnership are essential for sustainable and scalable social systems change.”

She added, “To be more reflective of the face and needs of today’s region, we were inspired with the help of our friends to envision and implement an entirely new National Philanthropy Day experience for this year – A Symphony of Philanthropy for San Diego.

“The Symphony, “said Billimoria, “is a perfect metaphor for society. After countless hours of perfecting their craft, musicians come together with intimate care for every note, breath and emotion, knowing some of that individual nuance might be lost among the numerable other musicians on the stage, but trusting that something bigger will come from that collective sound. This is what makes society great! Each of us laboring diligently in our own area, yet recognizing that while what we do individually might have impact, what we do collectively changes the world.”

“This metaphor holds true for the philanthropic community as well. Every grant, every gift, every hour we invest, every need we fill, every heart we touch, every life we improve- each adds up for the greater good. We are all instrumental in this effort but when we play symphonically our impact is transformation.”

This year’s National Philanthropy Day offers the community an opportunity to connect with young people that are changing their communities, and adults that have devoted their life to serving others. Proceeds go to scholarships and monthly educational workshops to build our capacity and improve outcomes right here in our region.

A limited amount of complimentary tickets are available to those that are not able to purchase a ticket.  For additional information, please contact Georgia Ringler, Chapter Manager, AFP – San Diego at 858.212.1706 or reach her by email at georgia.ringler@afpsd.org.

Celebrating 35 Years of Teaching the Wisdom Traditions at UC San Diego
Hard to believe it has been 35 years of teaching traditional martial arts, yoga & meditation to kids, students, the campus and general community at UC San Diego.

This week people from all over are returning to connect deeply & celebrate our collective efforts touching thousands of lives on our shared journey Embracing the Past, Polishing the Present and Reflecting (our best selves) in the Future.
My heartfelt gratitude to each of you for your loyalty, steadfast commitment to lifelong learning, and dedication to making our world just a little bit better on step at a time!


Do the wisdom traditions really matter in the 21st century?
You can ask those with a practice.
Meanwhile, here is a school that replaced detention with meditation. Check out the results…



Another 200,000 Thank You Vid
Our Return Kindness Campaign continues and we hope you can add your energy to the positive wave spreading through our community!
It is fun and so easy!
Carnitas Snack Shack: https://youtu.be/ZxXKSlyN6Q8

Thanks this week go to the entire Aoinagi Ken Shu Kai community, Margaret M, those returning kindness and YOU for reading this!

Pay it forward.

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.“— Confucius

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