Let Unity and Civility Define Us, Returning Kindness, Join us at both FutureFit a LEAP for Education and National Philanthropy Day 2016!

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Let Unity and Civility Define Us:
No Matter Who Wins

Returning Kindness:
A 200,000 Thank You Campaign:

Committed to Education?
 Join this amazing and diverse team that will ensure our lifelong learning educational systems are future-proofed, future designed and ultimately future fit.

The Power of Education:
 13 Year Old Girl Named America’s Top Young Scientist and Wins $25,000:

National Philanthropy Day November 16th 2016- A Symphony of Philanthropy
Is Social Purpose An Integral Part of Who YOU Are?


Let Unity and Civility Define Us, No Matter Who Wins by Ken Druck, Carl Luna and Neville Billimoria:
                     What so funny ‘bout peace, love and understanding…

As Election Day nears, it is time to shift our attention from the damage this campaign has done to our nation and our standing in the world, and focus on what happens after November 8th. The divisive political discourse that has filled our heads and airwaves for the past 18 months has rendered our democracy weaker and less functional than at any time in recent memory. Playing to the lowest common denominator of hatred, distrust and vengeance, we are now at an all-time low.

America faces real risks at home and abroad if we continue to viciously attack our countrymen and women with whom we disagree. It’s time to transmute the daily dose of hatred, vitriol and contentious arguing and shift our attention from throwing fuel on the “Who is more corrupt?” fire to asking “What exactly are we doing to our country and our children by modeling hatred and spewing vitriol?”

Exercising our right to vote is critical. It’s what makes up a great nation. But civility goes beyond voting to policing our words and behavior in the service of the common good. Each of us needs to remember the values that have made this country a model for the world for the past two hundred years. It is time for our elected officials and their surrogates to check their self-righteousness and overblown egos at the door, and to begin acting like public servants who want to bridge the partisan gap and end gridlock. “Do what you were elected to do!” as one local community leader put it, “and work with your fellow Americans to build a better America.”

It’s time to take ownership for our part at citizens in making our democracy work. Asking “What’s best for America?” Rising above the fray is a tall order indeed when so many of us, it seems, prefer to rubberneck a good fight. We need to demand a change in the conversation to “How can we make positive change in an atmosphere of mutual respect?”

This country has always endured candidate bashing during an election cycle, yet years of divisiveness and inaction at the legislative level have frustrated and polarized the American people of all persuasions like never before.

Millions of Americans are likely to feel deeply depressed and disenfranchised the morning after the election, whoever is elected. And what will we do then?

Do we have the character strength to reach across the aisle and work together or will we allow the philosophy of “my side is right and yours is not just wrong, but Un-American,” to prevail?

The time between now and January 20th when we inaugurate our new President, will say it all. Our age-old tradition of agreeing to disagree with civility has kept our nation united and strong. The choice to heal, respectfully agree to disagree, find common ground, choose civility over civil war, reunify our nation and move America to higher ground begins with each of us. Here are a few ways to help make this happen:

– Refocus on the end goal. Make unity, civility and respect a priority. Be passionate, yet tolerant and inclusive.

– Pivot from a “Tear Down” to “Build Up” mentality.

– Engage others with respect, open-mindedness, trustworthiness and a genuinely interest in learning why they feel the way they do.

– Champion community, corporate and elected leaders who model civility.

– Listen, learn from others, work collaboratively to solve problems across the partisan divide, embody fairness and support those with have a proven capacity to bring about substantive and sustainable change.


We are one nation. As Abraham Lincoln so sagely pronounced, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Strengthening America from the inside out starts with bringing out the best in ourselves and one another, working through impasses, reconciling differences, finding common ground and working together for the common good.

Returning Kindness; 200,000 Thank You Campaign:
As we reach our 200,000 member milestone, we are practicing, intentional acts of kindness all over San Diego and inviting our community to pay it forward…

Committed to Education?
Join this amazing and diverse team At FutureFit LEAP for Education
Networking November 29th and the Main Event on November 30th in San Diego:

Future Fit LEAP for Education 2016
Networking on November 29 and Main Event on November 30

Download a version of this email

Once all the election noise has abated, as a nation we will need to turn our attention to making America better no matter who wins. As someone committed to critical issues in education, we would like to personally invite you to a convening on the evening of November 29th (Pre-­Reception & Networking) and morning of November 30th  (The Main Event) to shape what Future Fit Education in our region will look like.

A diverse group of leaders from education, business, government, community, philanthropy and other sectors will come together to discover what our community cares most deeply about and then focus on what we can do in and for education in our region. Together we will harness the best thinking from the micro-­neuroscience of education to the macro-­collective impact community building models to deliver on the promise that those served by our lifelong learning educational systems are future-proofed, future designed and ultimately future fit. Together we will answer Who Cares? What is Possible? And validate how we will we know we have been Successful with a whole person-­‐centered orientation.

Please join our LinkedIn group, Future Fit: Our Next LEAP for Education, to get connected and learn more about others in this dynamic ecosystem filled with amazing people. As appropriate, do invite others that you feel resonate with this focus and work – we seek quality, not quantity participation.

What matters to you matters and guess what? It is the same for our kids…  Let’s not waste this leap year!

No one of us can do it all, but all of us can do something meaningful to advance this mission. We welcome your energy and experience in the inspiration, ideation and implementation of a FutureFit Education Model.

Thanks for all YOU do to make our community better.

With LOL (Love of Learning),

The Future Fit Team -­ Alan Daly, Neville Billimoria, Devin Vodicka and Brenda Hall Please register for the event here:

Pre-­Reception & Networking: November 29th 5:00 – 6:00 PM Location: TBD

Main Event:  November 30th 8:30 AM – Noon Location: Quantum Learning Center


The Power of Education:
13 Year Old Girl Named America’s Top Young Scientist and Wins $25,000:
Maanasa Mendu, a 13-year-old girl from Ohio, recently won the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge for creating a $5 energy harvesting device. Mendu’s innovative design, called HARVEST, converts sunlight, wind, and rain into renewable energy. Mendu has been named America’s Top Young Scientist and won $25,000.

National Philanthropy Day November 16th 2016- A Symphony of Philanthropy
Is Social Purpose An Integral Part of Who YOU Are?
It is us…

San Diego has a rich legacy of giving and generosity, with an aspiring vision to be widely recognized as both America’s Finest city and America’s Kindest region.

So many San Diegans consistently share their time- volunteering, treasure- investing, and amazing talent- helping those in need, and we are so proud of them.

This year, Mission Fed is proud to partner with the San Diego Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and its mission to recognize and celebrate the critical role that philanthropy plays in enriching our San Diego community.

With social purpose as an integral part of who we are, Mission Fed is honored to serve as Presenting Sponsor for National Philanthropy Day in San Diego. Every grant, every gift, every hour we invest, every need we fill, every heart we touch, every life we improve adds up for the greater good. We are all instrumental in this effort, but when we play symphonically, our impact is transformational!

Visit afpsd.org for more information.


If you are local – The San Diego Nonprofit Association (SDNA)
“YOU are only as good as your Board. You get the board you deserve”:

Only Few Seats Available to  Access Insights on Effective Board Leadership SDNA & TriNet  “Access to Experts” Series on Nov. 15th

“YOU are only as good as your Board. You get the board you deserve”


“Exceptional governance is always a work in process.”
Liz Shear, USD Nonprofit Governance Symposium Director

Join a Spirited, Strategies-based Discussion Moderated  by Donald Stump Executive Director, North County Lifeline

  • Janine Mason Executive Director, The Fieldstone Foundation
  • Javier Guerrero Executive Director, San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum
  • Tamara Fleck-Myers Executive Director, Casa de Amparo
  • Rob Hutsel  President & CEO, San Diego River Park Foundation

 Gain insights and share strategies to build and strengthen board relationships and critical communications between directors, board members, staff and key stakeholders to maximize effectiveness and impact.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
8:30am Check-in, Refreshments
9am Sharp -10:30am
Program At Mission Federal Credit Union Headquarters
5785 Oberlin Dr. San Diego, CA, 92121

Click Here to RSVP

There is limited seating for this event.  Tickets are required.

Non-member price is $25

No Charge for SDNA Members
Members Receive Priority Access
Memberships start at Only $100

You are invited to become a Member of SDNA, at:

These events are made possible by the active members of SDNA: The San Diego Nonprofit Association (aka SANDAN) and TriNet.
We Welcome Your Participation!


Leadership Sponsor
Supporting San Diego’s Growing “Chamber of Purpose”


$50 for You and $50 for a Friend or Family Member

A new way we’re thanking you for the loyalty and trust that helped us grow to 200,000 members strong!

With money-saving benefits and great service, Mission Fed membership is the gift that keeps on giving.

Ask a friend or family member to open an account, and you’ll both receive $50.

Just be sure to tell your friends and family members soon, because this offer ends December 31, 2016. Details: https://www.missionfed.com/gift-of-membership

Thanks this week go to Civic Leaders like Ken and Carl, Kind Souls, Purpose-Driven organizations, Whole Person Educators of all stripes and Lovers of Humankind everywhere!

Pay it forward!

“You see things; and you say Why? But I dream things that never were; and I say Why not?”— George Bernard Shaw

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