Your Soul Food for Pi Week 2015: Heartwarming Vid, Strange Weather Pics, The Power of Expectations, Why More Women Than Men and Sage Advice

Happy Soul Food Friday!

“Managers light a fire under people; Leaders light a fire in People”

–Kathy Austin

This week:

A Heartwarming video, Pi Day this Past Week, Strange Weather and the Crazy Photos it Evokes, the Power of Expectations, Why There are More Women Than Men, and some Sage Advice…

A Heartwarming and Inspiring example of Differentiating Your Brand.

Pi Day Last Saturday

Dusky Wonder

The Power of Expectations


Have you ever wondered “Why there are more Women than Men”….. this explains some of it.

More Women than Men Explanations

Sage Advice:

When you worry about your finances, you choose stress.                                                          When instead, you trust and Pre-Pave: “My needs are met now and always”, you choose PEACE.

Why not rather, silence the mind and pray for world peace.                                                        In this way, you choose  PEACE .

When you tell a little white lie, you choose dishonesty, and wonder why it is hard to make sense of the world.                                                                                                                         When you express truth, with candor and courtesy, no matter what the outcome, you choose  PEACE .

When you are criticized and allow yourself to feel hurt, you choose resentment.             When you receive criticism with an open mind to learn and grow, you choose  PEACE .

When you give so much that you become tired of giving, you choose fatigue.                 When your giving is infinite and you Pre-Pave: “I am grateful for the ability to serve”, you choose  PEACE .

When you scold a child in the heat of emotion, you choose impatience.                           When you guide a child by being the example, you ask for  PEACE .

When you focus on how others are different from you, you choose separation.                When you Pre-Pave: “We are all one, seeking the same happiness”, you have chosen  PEACE .

For  PEACE  is within your reach It is in the simple way you respond                                   To life’s ebbs and flows You’ve known it all along. So here is your reminder                       The steps are simply three:                                                                                                                 Be mindful of your thoughts,                                                                                                         Pave it Forward and let life be.

In choosing to be kind Despite what may be there                                                                          And choosing to forgive Regardless of what is fair.                                                                       You create PEACE in your heart That will show in all you do                                                And others will be better For simply knowing you.

TODAY I CHOOSE PEACE:                                                                                                   Peace in my thoughts.                                                                                                            Peace in my words.                                                                                                                 Peace in my actions.                                                                                                             PEACE in my world.

Change no circumstance in my life. Change me.– Sister Gyanamata

Thanks this week go to Cindy S, Larry H, Eric K, Louis L, & Tad P.

Lead your life don’t manage it…                                                                                                   Peace & Love,


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