Your Soul Food Fest for Friday Oct 3rd 2014

Happy Soul Food Friday!


Hang in there!

This week:


You Can’t Start Too Young

 Run Like a Girl! 53 Marathons in 53 Days…

Ms Hughes took on the challenge to raise money for the Isabelle Lottie Foundation after a friend’s daughter, three-year-old Izzy Wynne, was diagnosed with a form of brain tumor. She is hoping to raise £53,000 for the charity…

Sounds too Intense? Try this routine…    (Best viewed at Full Screen)

 Get up Stand Up- Sitting is the New Smoking…

Muscle Inactivity Behind the Health Risks of Excess Sitting
Worse cholesterol values linked with greater muscle idle time, even in exercisers.


You’ve probably heard that excessive sitting is considered an independent risk factor for many chronic conditions, including heart disease. As we put it last year, sitting is the new smoking. You’ve probably also heard that the link between too much sitting and worse health is true even for people who work out regularly.

What you may not have heard is what exactly makes sitting so dangerous. The answer may be too much muscle inactivity, suggests new research published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

Finnish researchers had 150 adults wear shorts that measured muscle activity in their thighs and hamstrings while the participants went about typical weekdays. Muscles were said to be inactive if they registered lower electromyographic amplitude than when standing still. Moderate to vigorous activity was defined as producing an amplitude greater than when walking at a pace of 5 kilometers per hour.

Even though the participants were fit and active, their hamstrings and thighs were, on average, inactive for 65 percent of their waking days. That is, for almost two-thirds of the time the participants were awake, some of the largest muscles in their body were less active than if they were standing still.

The researchers then divided the participants into four groups, from lowest to highest amount of muscle inactivity. Compared to those with the least amount of inactivity (55 percent or less of the time), those with the most muscle inactivity (at least 74 percent of the time) had significantly worse HDL cholesterol and triglyceride readings. This was true independent of the amount of time spent in the study’s definition of moderate to vigorous physical activity.

One common piece of advice is to take frequent breaks from sitting. This study offers insight into an easy way to do so: Standing from a sitting position produced enough muscle activity in the thighs to get above the threshold found to be linked to worse cholesterol readings.

“These results give further support for the message ‘stand up, sit less, move more’ to promote metabolic health as a complement to current exercise guidelines,” the researchers wrote.

Fine! Don’t exercise and risk letting sleeping dogs lie…


If you are local…

Exercise your Wild Side & Get your Chimp on! The Entire Month of October is Kids Free Days brought to you by Mission Fed

Yes, all kids 11 and under are free the entire month of October at both the Zoo and Safari Park – thanks to Mission Fed!

Have you seen the billboards all over San Diego along with hearing the Radio spots that invite listeners to stop by our branches to enter to win for a family 4 pack of Zoo or Safari passes?  Our branches will also be helping collecting donations for endangered species with all donations going to the San Diego Zoological Society. Last year over $12,000 was raised. Check it out:–276797111.html


Thanks this week go to Heidi E, Jim C, Maurice C, Angie L, Andrea M, Larry H, and the whole team at Mission Fed.

 Pay it Forward, Backward and Sideways…




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