Steamy Soul Food for Summer Solstice, Sorolla in San Diego & Celebrants by the SEA

Happy Soul Food Friday!


This week:

Tis the season for Promotions & Commencements, Longest Days of the Year, Sorolla & America, Survival of the Nicest, and Celebrating Thriving “Heart”-ists

6th Grade Promotion

Hard to believe our Daughter Aysha is done with Middle School!

We’ve gladly invested 12 years of our time, treasure and talent in the Cardiff School District, and while I won’t be disappearing anytime soon, it certainly will be different.

Here is a compelling commencement speech referenced at the promotion by Principal Brian K. featuring Admiral William McRaven at University of Texas.

Make your bed!

It does take a village and here’s to all the volunteers EVERYWHERE that make our world better.

Congrats Greta O. for being selected as the 2014 Mission 2 Volunteer by the Cardiff SEA, and choosing you to direct funds to those parts of education you care most about!


2nd Annual True Triton Brunch

UCSD Celebrated another amazing Alumni Weekend, growing to over 150,000 alum making their mark around the world

Whatever your Alma Mater, here’s to “straight A’s” of a different sort:

—   Appreciation: Looking back, I hope you to feel darn good about what you did and how you felt in the time you invested in the causes that matter most to YOU

—  Affiliation: In this present moment, right now, I hope you feel deeply connected to and valued by your community- Thank you for all you have done

—  Agency: Looking forward, WITH YOUR HELP, we are creating a better world for those that follow through our agency

Be the Thriving “Heart”-ist You Were Destined to Be!

What We Can Learn from the Tortured Artist Van Gogh

If you are local, get to Balboa Park!

Sorolla and America

This fine exhibition at the San Diego Museum of Art and organized by Blanca Pons-Sorolla, the artist’s great-granddaughter, brings together masterpieces seen for the first time in America and Madrid and are truly awe inspiring! (see Sorolla quote at the end…)


Another Theory of Evolution- Survival of the Nicest

We simply can’t solve today’s complex problems with yesterday’s notions of competition and zero sum games…

Where to Find and Cultivate True Power in an Organization

Unleash the latent power of social capital and informal networks (eco-systems v. ego-systems) & keep the change!

USA Annual Philanthropy Numbers On the Rise: Giving Nears Pre-Recession Levels

No it’s not the Foundations and Corporations, but once again Individual Contributions that disproportionately contribute 73% of the growth to the 2% of GDP that constitutes giving in this country

A Real Man?

15 Ways to Show You’re a (Real) Man

Obviously, I am not one… 🙂

Click here!

Thanks for this week’s contributions of content and energy go to Brian K & the Cardiff School District, Greta O & the SEA, Mission Fed for steadfastly supporting Education, Suzanne B, Jim L & Tritons everywhere, Deirdre M, Bettina H, Frank P, Alan D, and the indefatigable Larry H!

Congrats Graduates!

Rightly understood, today is commencement for every one of us.

Pay it forward…



“Go to nature with no parti pris.

You should not know what your picture is to look like until it is done.

Just see the picture that is coming.”


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