Soul Food for Lucky Friday June 13th 2014

Happy Soul Food Friday!


This week:

An Unsung Hero:

Why You Hate Work: The way we’re working isn’t working…

What Dr. Alan Daly and I have to say about Being a Purpose Driven Leader and Making Our Work- Work Better:

Why GoPro’s Founder and Fellow UC San Diego Alum Does Not Hate His Work:

One of the most important things we can do in our organizations is routinely innovate!

If you are not familiar with human centered design thinking (compared to strategic planning) this will change your mindset

EVERYBODY is Creative. It is not about teaching creativity, it is about removing the blocks…

The Fault in Our Stars- My Heroine

For Young People Who Sometimes Feel Alone.

Fostering Uncommon Empathy in Teenagers…

Some Awesome Pictures to Re-Spark Your Wonder:

Click here!

Thanks this week go to Alan D, Team UC San Diego Alumni, NPR and Larry H

Pay it Forward!



“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.”
Greek Proverb

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