Your Soul Food Friday for Friday April 18th 2014: Hidden in Plain Sight

Happy Soul Food Friday!


What if that which we Seek is Hidden in Plain Sight?


Common Sense is Uncommon Practice

To know and NOT to do, is not to Know

It is not a lack of resources, but a lack of resourcefulness that keeps us from living our dream or living period,

Here are some links, clips and posts to remind us of our unbounded spirit, the power of the collective, the importance of taking chances and living OUR dream while helping others fulfill theirs…

10 Painfully Obvious Truths EVERYONE Forgets too Soon:

How Fast the Years Go…

Zero to fourteen years in a few minutes. Don’t miss a clip just because you are moving with zip!

 The Cure for Blood Cancers like Leukemia are Actually in the Hands of Ordinary People Like You and Me:

Every 4 minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer. That is 15 people an hour…

The power to save a life is right in your bones if you are that critical match

To personalize this for a moment, a member of our community Mason M could use your help if you have a sec

Little Mason has had 16 transfusions in the last three months, and remains transfusion dependent in order to survive.
YOU could be that cure: 

Note: Regardless of if you are a match, we encourage everyone to visit your local Blood Bank, and donate blood and/or platelets and literally give the gift of life!

 Transformation Through Collaboration:

As we are a little over a month away from one of most collaborative events I have had the privilege of inspiring, ideating and implementing…

On May 27th and 28th in San Diego, join us for the American Marketing Association’s Cause Conference titled, “Transformation through Collaboration” for Purpose-Driven Leaders.

Comprising  42 Amazing speakers, moderated keynotes, breakouts and ignite presentations, all working in “Pasteur’s’ quadrant” where it is applied theory and a propensity for action that matters, using design thinking instead of strategic planning, and fostering radical collaboration in eco-systems instead of feudal and industrial age ego-systems + the right 300 people in the room will  = sheer magic!

Will you be there?

The sampler that follows is intended to give you a flavor for some of the speakers and their purpose and how they can help you live YOURS!

In the last week, with one of the Founders of the AMA Cause Conference Parker Pike, the Chair of the Ed Studies Department at UCSD, Dr. Alan Daly, and my fellow Co-Chair for this year’s American Marketing Association Cause Conference, Charles Tassos we produced a pod cast (4 parts) on Cause Marketing.

Here is the link to the first segment:

Wade the President of the station had this useful tidbit that I found insightful:

We are moving from a world of turning on a TV OR a Radio, to a web based world where I can have Video AND Audio AND Print on a website.

So we need to use them synergistically, recognizing their unique qualities.

What Print does best, is convey data, because it moves at the speed of comprehension.

What Video does best is instruct through the power of demonstration.

What Audio does best is creating bonding relationship, because of the power of “Theater of the Mind”, which is engaged when there are no visuals.

One message, 3 communication platforms. Use appropriately.


Here are some vids from a few of our amazing speakers in May:


The Disconnected, Connected World. with Larry K.
I have worked most of my life to make a difference in the world. On January 26 I delivered a TEDx Talk, titled “The Disconnected, Connected World.”
This talk is the culmination of numerous life lessons over the past 20 years. When I was asked to deliver the talk I thought the most enjoyable part would be delivering the speech, but that was not the case. The process of creating the talk was actually the amazing part. I invite you to watch the talk at the following link and provide me your feedback:

Authentic Self-Expression” with Sarah H.

TEDx Talk –


Give Something Back with Michael H.


For a complete list of Speakers click here:


Thanks this week go to Ron M, Heidi D, Wade T, Mason and Corinne M, Larry K, Sarah H, Mike H, the AMA Cause Conference ALL-Volunteer Planning Committee, and every one of you who helps make someone’s life better this week!

Whether you are simplifying your life, saving another’s, or changing other’s lives for the better, here’s to a life well lived!

Pay it Forward!


“We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.” —Anais Nin


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