Soul Food Friday for April Fool’s Week 2014

Happy Soul Food Friday!


Compassion IT in America’s Kindest City
Re-Design Your Thinking and Radicalize your Collaborations
Percuss your Soul

In the past week, I completed yet another trip around the sun, over 19,723 days + by last reckoning. Using the 10,000 hour rule you would have thunk I would be getting good at this but that is debatable…

As my karate community wanted to celebrate my birthday we invested the day with dojo mates from near and far; setting our morning intention with a compassion meditation thanks to Sara S of Compassion IT, followed by a fun and deep dive into design thinking, social capital optimization and working on the design process in “Pasteur’s Quadrant” courtesy of Dr. D, leading to an afternoon in embodied practice of collective intelligence and radical collaboration advancing our art, and it all culminating in an extraordinary surprise and most deeply resonant drum circle and percussion fest courtesy of Monette M bringing her infectious energy back into my soul after two decades of being part of her Afro-Caribbean drumming class.

My karate group set me up really well for this surprise at the end of the day proving once again that making a fool of yourself, or being made a fool of is not such a bad thing after all. Most of us have been well conditioned (rightly or wrongly) to develop an abject fear of failure, which precludes risk-taking, which limits innovation, which restricts growth which kills surprise and wonder, which leaves our soul hungry and thirsty.  Thanks to their conniving and stealth, I am still smiling –inside and out- as I reflect on how both the intended and unexpected collided into a terrific, near magical experience. But enough about me…

Is it Time for Your Hero’s Journey:
Let this vid set the tone for your advance…

While I’m not 35, this clip says it pretty darn well
Surprise YOURself. Be Happy, Excited and Inspired so you can say, “Damn, that was awesome!”

The One that Got Away…
If you don’t feel like this from time to time you’re lying, or so deep under that social hypnosis spell it is hard to consider an “alternate reality”

Speaking of Percussion, Stay Thirsty my Friends!

Too Yang for you? Try This Irish Blessing…
Click on:  Irish Blessing
Then sit back, take a deep breath, relax and click on Start!

If you are local…
Brand Narrative – Your Competitive Edge in a Crowded Marketplace

nevilleTuesday, April 15, 2014
UC San Diego Extension
6256 Greenwich Drive
San Diego, CA 92122


Thanks this week go to Peter S, Sara S, Alan D, Monette M, Terri and Ken M, Paul S, Larry H, my entire traditional martial arts community, as well as friends and family worldwide!

Wishing you a Spring in 2014 that coils up tight and launches you to your pole star where dreams really do come true and there is no place like Aum.

Love and Happiness,
Neville/Dad/Friend/Sensei/Neighbor/April’s Fool

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