Soul Food for May 10th and Mother’s Day Weekend

Happy Soul Food Friday and Mother’s Day Weekend!

I think it is true when they say, “adversity doesn’t breed character, it reveals it!”

This week experience broken aspects of our humanity, personhood, & businesses, yet stay inspired by how ordinary people are rising to extra-ordinary levels to meet these challenges head on with courage and consideration.

Here’s to motherhood everywhere!


Is Humanity Broken?

One True Indian Hero, feeding the hungry, nourishing the soul. Food is one part, love is another part…

“You laugh because you think I am different. I laugh because you are all the same”

Is Your Heart Broken?

“I will love myself despite the ease with which I lean towards the opposite”

Defining Ourselves- What is it like to be young… and different. Experience: To this Day- for the Bullied and the Beautiful

Is Capitalism Broken?

The very purpose of capitalism and meeting societies needs is under scrutiny and deservedly so.

Isn’t creating shared value an idea that is essential to our very success and future?

Amazingly, in the US, the corporate sector is ten times larger than the nonprofit sector but provides no more than 1% of the contribution to the greater good. What’s up with that?

In the past week I attended the Business4Better conference in Anaheim, a two-day conference designed specifically for individuals from midsized enterprises responsible for social responsibility, community outreach and corporate volunteer programs. The conference was geared toward helping businesses develop the knowledge, competencies and contacts to partner with nonprofits in ways that make a substantive impact on societal causes. Here we heard from inspired leaders and organizations, discussed the redefinitions of the historic black and white divisions of business pursuit of profit and nonprofits pursuit of their mission, the confluence of forces changing this model and the new re-districting and reframing underfoot with the rise of for benefit, social entrepreneurs, encore careers, etc.

Much is being learned and applied about empathy (I love it when science validates the obvious). Here a personal practice of mindfulness, being present and rightly understanding self, supports organizational practices of re-visioning their reason for being as both Purpose & Profit driven.

We all understand the place of technology, but technology must also be put in its place. Technology will not replace relationships but can enable them as move through the era of connecting devices to the authentic reconnecting with people!

Your higher calling is calling… Are you answering? Don’t leave that call to voice mail.

Keep looking for ways to unleash your unique superpower, I beg you!

Is Philanthropy, Charity and Volunteerism broken?

As much as the nonprofit sector does, there seems so much more to do to assuage societal plights.

Volunteering, in spite of many new ways to innovate engagement remains flat. This means we either need new people and groups engaging and/or we need existing volunteers to engage more effectively for the greater good. Skills based volunteering- where we match our passion and purpose is one solution. This article on the subject by Bea who I met at B4B entitled, “The End of Employee Volunteering” is excellent!

Click here!

At B4B, I had a chance to meet both the founder of Kiva, Premal and Karen. We hit it off and are now talking about local opportunities here in San Diego.


If you don’t know Kiva, check them out at

This article in Tech Crunch speaks to one way this amazing organization is making our world a better place!

Give Something Back is another organization that got my attention at the conference, and I had a chance to chat with Mike, their fearless leaders, who I found out later is also a UCSD alum.

If you don’t know them, Give Something Back stocks over 40,000 business products for next day delivery with prices lower than the superstores.  Give Something Back has grown to be the largest independent business products dealer in the West by working with companies like Whole Foods Markets, the U.S. Navy, and the SDSU Foundation to help them streamline their order process and contain costs.

The reason for their unique name is that they donate their profits to local non-profits.  To date they have donated over $5.5 million.  You can find more information on them and their commitment to a socially responsible business model at

Are you Glasses broken?

Speaking of technology sometimes I feel like I really need augmented reality

Last but not Least, Consider this Unique Mother’s Day Option:

How would you like to join families in over 83 countries celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend by donating $4 to the Fifth Annual Mother’s Day Fancy Dress Swim as part of their festivities.

Mother's Day Fancy Dress Swim 2012 NCT
Photo by John Koster, North County Times (May 2012)

You can get more info at:

Thanks this week to Arman, Robin, B4B, Bea, Premal and Karen, Mike and Ed, Marlaine, and Moms everywhere!

Live, Love, Learn and Leave a Legacy!


“It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at a standard of living higher than any have ever known. 
It no longer has to be you or me.  
Selfishness is unnecessary. 
War is obsolete.
It is a matter of converting our high technology from weaponry to livingry.”
Buckminster Fuller

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