Soul Food for Friday, Feb 8th- It is all about the MUSIC!

Happy Soul Food Friday!

Did you know that the Chinese Character for music and happiness is also the character for medicine?

I recently learned that the Chinese character for music, if pronounced differently, can also be read as “happiness”. The character for “medicine” is exactly the same as the character for “music” and “happiness” with the addition of the symbol for “herb” on top. This gives us a sense for how ancient the ties are among music, happiness, and health.

On that “note”, maybe we would do well to pay more attention to our musical diets so “hear” goes…

This Father and Son Story is a Soul Food Crescendo that will surely strike a chord!

You Country Rock Fans will appreciate The Graham Parsons story

Life is a Gift. The Zen of Bennett:

This radio interview with the legendary artist Tony Bennett is perfect pitch!

Now, let Andre’ Rieu’s Stradivarius violin and his world renowned orchestra at Radio City Music Hall, New York, stir your soul with a magical tribute to Frank Sinatra with My Way:

Finally, expand your musical horizons as this band, led by a Navy Vet sings an updated version of the Star Spangled banner:

Thanks this week go to NPR/KPBS, Larry & Chris

Musically yours,


“If you have to ask what Jazz is you will never know” –Louis Armstrong

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