Your Soul Food for Friday 3/17/23: High Engagement Culture, Leadership Breakdown, and Naatu Naatu!

Happy Soul Food Friday!

This week:

How To Foster a High Engagement Workplace Culture:

I was privileged to share some thoughts, and sentiments on fostering high engagement workplace culture that is in dire need of an intervention, with Alliant International University in the last week.

This webinar content begins at the 11-minute mark if you want to jump straight into guts of the topic.

What are you doing to make your place of work relevant, resonant and remarkable?

CSML Speaker Series: How to Foster a High Engagement Workplace Culture – Zoom

From The Great Resignation to The Great Refusal—here’s what the 5 ‘Great Rs’ mean for the future of the work:
We are no longer centered on where we work, but rather where work fits in our lives.

How is your work life going?

What the 5 ‘Great Rs’ mean for the future of work (

Leadership Breakdown:

I just finished reading a great new book that I wanted to share with you. It’s called Leadership Breakdown: How Conscious Leaders Generate Breakthroughs that Enhance Business and the World, and it’s definitely worth checking out. See my review below.

My beloved friend and colleague, Eric Kaufmann has a unique perspective on leadership and life, and I have always found his insights to be spot on, practical, and really helpful. While having been exposed to it, I had never heard of what Eric calls “ego-myopia,” and never thought about it in this way, and how it holds leaders back from next level achievements. But after giving it some thought, it really does makes sense. This book is conversational, and full of fresh ideas and strategies that I’m confident will help any student of leadership, and particularly those of us exploring conscious leadership.

I know we’re all busy, but I think this is a book that’s worth making time for. Get your copy today.

Here are my two cents:

“Eric’s lived experience on the razor’s edge of driving business results, while elevating the spirit and potential of the people in the system is steeped in wisdom and authentic embodied experience not just academic knowledge. If you want to grow the next generation of leaders and take them from breakdown to breakthrough to breakout, Eric is one of the best in the world!”

Neville Billimoria, SVP Marketing & Community Relations, Mission Fed

Do You Know Naatu?

This is Uber, Bad A$$ and will launch you into whatever you need next!

Naatu killed it at the Golden Globes and the Oscars this year and will take you to new heights…

Naatu Naatu Full Video Song (Telugu) [4K] | RRR | NTR,Ram Charan | MM Keeravaani | SS Rajamouli – YouTube

Thanks, this week go to the CSML team at Alliant International University, Eric K, Chris B, and all you culture vultures, conscious leaders and artist of life!



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surprised and dazzled by what is delivered to you.
This is where magic and miracles happen.”– Joe Vitale

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