Your Soul Food for Friday Dec 16, 2022: Transmuting Smoldering Discontent Both Individually and Environmentally into Sustainable Purpose

Happy Soul Food Friday!

This week:

Your Relationship to Work-

Transmuting Smoldering Discontent into Finding Your Purpose and Leaving a Legacy:

Enjoy this podcast with my friend and colleague Jeff Blanton as I turn the tables and interview him on his Conscious Curiosity show. Jeff shares some compelling ideas about our relationship to the world of work, and what we can do to find more meaning and fulfillment in this time of great resignations, great migrations, quiet quitting, and soul-searching. These are some great nuggets, as we all reflect on our various roles at the end of this year…

Anniversary Special – Flipping the Script with Jeff Blanton & Neville Billimoria – Jailbreak Leadership

Your Relationship to Play-

If you are local, join us for an evening of righteous live music with Strange Crew– this Saturday evening from 7 to 10pm at the conveniently located Duck Foot Brewing Company.

This venue is cool, dog and kid Friendly, and Strange Crew has put together a set list to die for.

From Cream, to the Yardbirds, to Derek and the Dominos, to Blind Faith to rock and blues legends Eric Clapton has collaborated with over the years, this is a tour de force evening covering one of the most successful and influential guitarists and bands in rock music!

Get off the couch and be sure to eat your Wheaties, because this promises to be a super fun high energy experience for you music lovers, and might be the last live show I get the privilege of playing for and with you in 2022.

Strange Crew – Clapton Tribute Night! – Duck Foot Brewing Co (

Here is a teaser to give you a flavor with a few special guests expected too:

For Your Love – End jam – YouTube

Hope to see you there!

For Your Love,


Your Relationship to Nature-

Restoring Gorongosa National Park After Decades of War:

Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park was the envy of Africa. Wildlife drew tourists from around the world. But, beginning in the 1960’s, a manmade catastrophe slaughtered the animals until, it was said, there was nothing left but mosquitos and landmines. In 2008, we followed an American entrepreneur who dreamed of returning a wasteland to greatness. Now, 14 years later, Greg Carr has something to show the world. And we couldn’t resist a return to Gorongosa when Carr sends invitations like this!

Greg has done the impossible: brought it back to life with the full complement of African megafauna. And, he’s ingrained the eight surrounding villages with the common purpose of maintaining Gorongosa. It’s astonishing work at epic scale. 

Restoring Gorongosa National Park after decades of war – 60 Minutes – CBS News

Is Patagonia the End Game for Profits in a World of Climate Change?
Patagonia’s decision to donate profits to climate change is an evidentiary example of why private and family businesses often do more for the planet than the stock market.

Is Patagonia the end game for profits in a world of climate change? (

Make Ecocide an International Crime and Other Legal Ideas to Help Save the Planet
Here is a list of the five most promising legal steps we can take to help fight climate change

Make ecocide an international crime and other legal ideas to help save the planet | Steven Donziger | The Guardian

See Rare Photos of Chimpanzees Treating their Wounds with Insects
A photographer captured images of the great apes in Gabon applying an unknown species of insect to both themselves and their family members.

See rare photos of chimpanzees treating their wounds with insects (

Over 50 Species Previously thought to be Mute Make Sounds
If you listen closely, your pet turtle might just have something to say to you…

Over 50 species previously thought to be mute make sounds, new study finds | CNN

The 2022 Bird Life Australia Photography awards
A shy albatross, a skydiving kestrel and a curious galah are among the shortlisted and winning photos in this year’s bird photography prize

The 2022 BirdLife Australia photography awards – in pictures | Environment | The Guardian

Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam:

Enjoy the visuals that go with this iconic song

Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens – YouTube

Thanks this week go to Strange Crew, Charles S, Larry H and all who have contributed to our wellbeing diet this year.

Stay joyous and pay it forward with purpose.



“The Greatest Threat to Our Planet is the Belief that Someone Else Will Save It”

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