Your Soul Food for Friday Nov 4 2022: Kindness Matters!

Happy Soul Food Friday!

This week:

Destigmatizing Homelessness and Doing Something About It:

Here is a short video I was able to help the San Diego Rescue Mission with on the topic of addressing homelessness, along with some local folks including Ken Blanchard, Mayor Sotelo-Solis of National City, Miles McPherson of The Rock Church, Steve Fisher former head basketball coach for SDSU, and others.

Thanks for caring about our most underestimated brothers and sisters…

Community Leaders Video

CPR On An Elephant!:

The Amazing Kindness of People Has No Bounds

Hero vets save mother elephant’s life with CPR and rescues baby from drain – YouTube

8-year-old boy becomes youngest person to climb California’s El Capitan
An 8-year-old boy became the youngest person to finish climbing El Capitan in California’s Yosemite National Park on Friday, according to his father, who has been by his side and cheering him on since the pair began their journey earlier this week.

8-year-old boy becomes youngest person to climb California’s El Capitan | CNN

Talking to strangers might make you happier, a study on ‘relational diversity’ finds
A study finds that we are happier the more we talk with different categories of people — colleagues, family, strangers — and the more evenly our conversations are spread out among those groups.

Talking to strangers may make you happier, study on ‘relational diversity’ finds : NPR

Thanks this week to all of you who lean out to help others.

Please pay it forward.



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“Lean out in your own way to make a difference in your community, so that others are inspired to stand up or go out on a limb for what matters” –Neville

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