Your Soul Food for Friday Aug 26 2022: Mastery, Doing the Most Good, Lifesaving Mnemonics and More!

Happy Soul Food Friday!

This week:

  • Mindful Musings on Mastery, Communion, and Enlightenment with Eric K
  • 15 Learnings Totally Worth Your Attention
  • How To Do The Most Good With Effective Altruism
  • Lifesaving Mnemonics for You and Your Loved Ones
  • And If You Are LocalI am Playing Live music this weekend with Driving the Bus

Mindful Musings on Mastery, Communion, and Enlightenment with Eric K:

There is an undercurrent felt-sense that flows below the surface, below the familiar transactional consensus experience of day-to-day busyness and productivity.  This current is both enlightening and disturbing. Enlightening because it shows the way, and disturbing because it steers us away from the comfort zone. It tugs at the edges of our consciousness and beckons us to follow it. As far as I can tell, everybody gets tugged by this current, but not everyone is willing to abide by the pull.

It’s a current of Truth. It’s a force that illuminates a deep and multifaceted dimensionality to life, to our lives. And Truth is a vast container that holds all those dimensions. In various traditions it’s called by different names. In corporate speak it’s referred to as potential. In martial arts it’s referred to as mastery. In spiritual traditions it’s referred to as enlightenment. And in religious traditions it’s referred to as communion. 

 By whatever name, and in whatever guise, it has the same effect on people. It pulls those who pay attention to it to explore, to attend, and to connect with this vein of Truth. And as we attend and connect and embody this current, inevitably we are compelled to share, and we call that sharing spirit, teaching. Anyone who responds to the tug of the current of Truth can’t help but want to teach others to attune to the same current. The subjects are infinite, and the styles are varied, yet the impulse to teach can’t be denied.

This is the same current that pulls at those of us who are called to be conscious leaders. Of course there’s an element of stewardship, maturity, responsibility, service to humanity. But essentially, those of us who are inextricably drawn towards it, are seekers after the truth. And for those of us who seek the truth long enough, we realize that there are some consistent truths, and that the master truth is almost impossible to express. That’s why we have the word ineffable – that which can be experienced, but cannot be spoken.

Moreover, those of us who can’t help ourselves but be swept along on this current are called devotees; you are devoted when you cannot not do something. And devotees almost always feel like we’re slightly misfits in the consensus scheme of organized life. So when we find ourselves in the company of others who, like us, are devoted to the Truth but don’t want to leave the socialized construct, we get quite energized. This is our community. 

And this is what I sense is our deep motivation – convening and gathering the truth-seeking misfits that rather than to drop out, want to lead and teach others to tune in. There are those who abide by the Truth and are craving to apply it in the day-to-day grind of business, family, politics, and play. These are conscious leaders, and our community of brotherhood.  


Megaphone Hand, business concept with text Attention Please, vector illustration

15 Learnings Totally Worth Your Attention:

15 Learning that I found really excellent and would take a lifetime to develop without someone packaging them up for us like this:

15 Learnings From a Conversation Between a Neuroscientist & Navy SEAL Officer (

How To Do The Most Good With Effective Altruism:

Effective Altruism and “longtermism” with its creator philosopher William MacAskill on how to do the most good:

Philosopher William MacAskill on how to do the most good | 1A (

Lifesaving Mnemonics for You and Your Loved Ones:

Lifesaving Mnemonics to Know (

If you are local-

Live music this weekend:

I am playing two shows with Driving the Bus a classic jam band playing everything from the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers to Eric Clapton to the Stones, etc.

Friday Aug 25th we are at Coomber Craft Wines on Mission Ave in Oceanside from 5:30 to 9:30pm

Saturday Aug 27th we are at The Holding Company on Newport Ave, in Ocean Beach from 7:30 to 10:30p

Hope to see you there!

Thanks this week go to Eric K, Marlaine C & Driving the Bus

Stay in tune and pay it forward!



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Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

– Mother Teresa

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