Your Soul Food for 4th of July Weekend 2022: Emancipate Yourself from Mental Slavery

Happy Soul Food Friday!

This week:

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, non but ourselves can free our mind”

– Bob Marley

This vid should get your weekend started with a bang!

Onze helden zijn terug! – YouTube

Manage your Energy, not your Time:

The core problem with working longer hours is that time is a finite resource. Energy is a different story…

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time (

Changing this 1 Word in your thoughts can boost Mental Toughness and Resilience, says performance coach
Why is it easier to give advice to a friend rather than to ourselves? Psychology expert Steve Magness, who has coached executives and sports teams like the Brooklyn Nets boost their mental strength, explains how a simple change to your inner dialogue can make you more resilient.

Changing this 1 word in your thoughts can boost mental toughness and resilience, psychologists say (

Bonus-This is adorable

Poorly behaved Dogs foiled a plan to have trained animals replace ball boys and girls at Wimbledon this year:

Plan to replace Wimbledon ball boys with dogs fails for very adorable reason (

Thanks this week go to Larry H for the YouTube link, and Happy Independence Day Everyone!

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”— Benjamin Franklin

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