Your Soul Food for Friday Dec 2, 2021: Wonder is the Beginning of Wisdom!

Happy Soul Food Friday!

This week:

The Wonder of Nature-

How is This for a Magical Birthday Present?

Paddle boarder’s encounter with curious whales – BBC News – YouTube

Really? A Cloud Avalanche?
This “cloud avalanche” occurred near the Kapuche Glacier Lake in the mountains of Nepal this year. At that time, a group of travel companions were camping by the lake, and they took the risk of taking pictures of this rare visual feast. The white snow clouds rushed down the valley, unstoppable, instantly swallowing the mountains and hitting the lake surface.

Cloud Avalanche – YouTube

The Wonder of Persistence-

Rita Moreno speaks with Bill Whitaker about the turmoil she went through early in her career, her 1961 portrayal of Anita in “West Side Story”, and her new role in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming adaptation of the Broadway classic:

“Perseverance is my middle name”

Rita Moreno on enduring racism and sexism, the scene that won her an Oscar, and the new “West Side Story” – 60 Minutes – CBS News

The Wonder of the Human Spirit-

Make-A-Wish asks boy with a critical illness what he wants. ‘Feed the homeless,’ he says.
Abraham Olagbegi, 13, asked Make-A-Wish to feed homeless people once a month in his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi.

Mississippi teen with rare disorder uses Make-a-Wish to feed homeless (

The wonder of Animals-

Miniature Horse and Great Dane Bond Over Their Similar Size and Spots, and Become Best Friends
Skye the Great Dane and Hot Fudge Sundae the mini horse became friends fast after meeting at their owner’s farm in Texas

Miniature Horse and Great Dane Become Best Friends at Texas Farm |

“And it makes me wonder”…

Thanks this week go to Eric K, Chris B, and all you wonder-filled people that share joy with others.

Please Pay it Forward!



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