Your Soul Food Friday for June 25 2021: Feel Good Moments, Artists of Life, Celebrating Fathers, Happy Vacation Planning, Transcendent Leadership and More…

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A few weeks ago, in a message headlined “The End of Soul Food Friday?” I shared with all of you that Soul Food Friday needed a new home and some help, including underwriting part of the expense of hosting the site and the monthly subscription fees to maintain the site after 13 years.

An anonymous donor and dear friend of mine offered to match the first $100 as a way to support this ongoing effort. 

Heartfelt thanks to Ricardo & Laurie R, Vicente R, Matt N, Genevieve T, Louis L, Killu S, Jaime M, Lee B, Jason M, Malcolm A, Frank M, Linda P, James W, Sean C, John R and Francisco E for stepping up with your kind contributions to keeping Soul Food Friday going!

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A Feel Good Moment-

Woodchuck Rides on Golden Retriever’s Back Across Lake, Gives Dog a ‘Little Kiss’:

Woodchuck Rides on Golden Retriever’s Back in Massachusetts Lake |

The Artist of Life In The Art Scene:

Neville Billimoria: The Artist of Life by In The Art Scene • A podcast on Anchor

This episode is an interview with me by Ron and Galina, the creators and curators of In the Art Scene, about how to be an artist of life to become a happier person, to help heal our community and even the world.

This episode covers:

  • Education as a Key to Communal Wellbeing
  • Bridging the West and the East
  • How I Became a Martial Artist in the First Place
  • A Different Kind of Dojo Where It Is NOT About Fighting But About Living Well
  • The Intersection of Yoga and the Martial Arts
  • Defining Success in YOUR Practice

The episode and a blog post are available here.


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Looking Back- Celebrating Fathers:

“It’s the courage to raise a child that makes you a father.”—Barack Obama

For decades, men have been honored for being providers. I’d like to now see them honored for their caretaking and caregiving as well. It’s time…

These Unappreciated Animal Dads Make Big Sacrifices for Their Young:

From bullfrogs that build ditches to help their tadpoles to foxes that give their kits “lessons,” some animal fathers are more involved in raising their young than many realize.

These unappreciated animal dads make big sacrifices for their young (

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” – Nelson Mandela

Looking Forward- Tired of being cooped up and planning your next vacation?

Plan Ahead. Don’t Post. And seven other rules for a happy vacation by Arthur C. Brooks

How to Plan the Best Vacation for Your Happiness – The Atlantic

Playing the Long Game-

Transcendent Leadership- Follow Your Heart’s Wisdom:

We’re mutually traversing some of the most perplexing times in recent history and some leaders’ response to this has been to harden themselves. If we choose to do this, we cut ourselves off from each other, because after all, connection is the heart of our humanity. Being vulnerable, heart-opened and heart-led has never been more essential…

Transcendent Leadership: Follow Your Heart’s Wisdom (

Hustle Culture is Burning Us Out!

Here are three more productive ways to achieve success

Stop hustling and try more productive ways to achieve goals (

4 Morning Habits of the Longest-Living People in the World:

4 Morning Habits for Longevity, Inspired by Blue Zones | Well+Good (

Healing Reimagined: Reconnecting Traditional Healing with Modern Medicine:

In a world coming of age in the shadows of social media giants, we are in the midst of a losing battle to train empathetic and situationally aware doctors, nurses, and health care professionals.

Making contact and connection with people who seek healing has never been more difficult. Our technology driven approach to medicine often leaves much to be desired at the juncture of the doctor-patient relationship. In addition, the generational tendency to avoid or limit physical social interaction has stunted our greatest asset in our struggle for progress in compassionate patient care.

Healing Reimagined follows the author’s lifetime quest for the meaning of healing, intricately bridging underlying fundamental themes of traditional medicine and the communication deficiencies of modern medicine. Linking modern neurology and psychology with cross-cultural ancient healing traditions, we trace the thread that leads from the wisdom of traditional healing practices to the forefront of leading-edge research.

Healing Reimagined: Reconnecting Traditional Healing with Modern Medicine: Ching DDS, Karl: 9781736734728: Books

If You Are Local

College Grads What’s Next?

The Pain of Discipline or the Pain of Regret

College Grad (Filling the Gap) – Career and Life Coaching (

“Keep your sense of proportion by regularly, preferably daily, visiting the natural world.”
— Caitlin Matthews

Magical Pictures of Nature

These Breathtaking Natural Wonders No Longer Exist:

Natural and Human-Caused Forces Constantly Reshape Earth’s Landscape

Landscapes shape our sense of place, yet Earth is constantly changing. The forces of volcanism, wind, water, sun, and, yes, people, relentlessly conspire to transform what we consider familiar terrain—pummeling cliffs into beaches, eroding vast canyons, forming new land with bubbling lava, and shifting the course of mighty rivers. 

As we return to travel, we shouldn’t be surprised to find some things have changed. After all, change is the only constant—an idea seeded by Greek philosopher Heraclitus back in the fifth century B.C. and echoed by philosophers since. But people often forget that Heraclitus believed fear of change is also a constant. Perhaps it’s this sense of looming impermanence that compels travelers to see natural wonders before they’re forever changed. 

These breathtaking natural wonders no longer exist (

Thanks this week go to Ron & Galina M, Arthur B, Elaine T, Marcy M, Mehrad N, and another big shout out to Ricardo & Laurie R, Vicente R, Matt N, Genevieve T, Louis L, Killu S, Jaime M, Lee B, Jason M, Malcolm A, Frank M, Linda P, James W, Sean C, John R and Francisco E for making this mission possible!

Please pay it forward,  live soul-filled, and do subscribe to Soul Food Friday if you dig it!



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