The End of Soul Food Friday?

Happy Soul Food Friday!

“Is this the beginning, or is this the end? When will I see you again…”

Hi all,

After 13+ years, and over 670 posts going every week, rain or shine, Soul Food Friday now needs a new home.

What started out as a weekly email to friends and fam, with the sole intention of putting some positive energy out into the universe has grown over the years to over 6,000 people all over the world on the email list, and is now in need of a bit of help.

How you might consider helping:

  • If you have WordPress and/or MailChimp skills, I could use some help preparing and posting the content each week
  • If you see this blog as a force for good and positivity in your life, you might consider underwriting part of the expense of hosting the site and the monthly subscription fees (both relatively modest) to keep this going
  • If you would like to sponsor the site- recognizing that I refuse to be beholden to any agenda or ideology besides recognizing the positivity in humankind, and speaking truth to power when we are not modeling that- I am happy to chat further
  • If you would like to keep receiving this weekly missive in the meantime, please subscribe on the Soul Food Friday website, so I know the lemon is worth the squeeze, and I will keep on keeping on
  • If you believe that each of us can make a difference of consequence, do amplify positivity in the world with your gifts, talents, strengths and interests- we are better together!

For everything there is a season, and if this is the sunset of one thing for the sunrise of something else, so be it.

Should, on the other hand, this be a perennial then I am happy to play on, with a little help from my friends!

This week, I was featured on the Play Your Position Podcast that is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

It was a fun interview with Mary Lou Kayser which is kind of a “best of” interview as it speaks to so many of the topics that matter deeply to me and influenced by so many of you over the years.

You can listen to it here:

To new beginnings..

Thanks this week go to all my supports and influencers over the last 13 years, too many to mention each and every one of you, including but not limited to, Danny F, Alan D, the Conscious Leaders Men’s Group, the Far Future Design Society, the Bright Lights, the Mission Fed team, NCPC and the local philanthropic community, Steve S and the Chamber of Purpose pathfinders, all my nonprofit partners and friends changing the world through social mission work, Aoinagi Ken Shu Kai bringing the wisdom traditions to the UC San Diego campus ecosystem for nearly 4 decades, Tim D and the Port team, all our amazing partners and luminaries in education both in the K-12 districts, in the private and charter community, and the social entrepreneurs like John C, and last and certainly not least, my family that have taught me to love better and wider.

The list is long and if I left you out, my apologies. Please know that you made a difference in my life and that of others…

Pay it forward!

Love All,


“Between stimulus and response there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
–Viktor Frankl

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