Your Soul Food for January 29 2021: “Love Your Enemies and You Won’t Have Any…”

Happy Soul Food Friday!

This week:

Family of Black Doctor Who Delivered Kamala Harris Reflects on His Legacy:
What’s really cool about this story is Brad and I went to college together, and I consider him a dear friend to this day, particularly when he kicks my butt playing tennis!

Love Your Enemies- How Decent People Can Save America From the Culture of Contempt:
Brooks beholds America’s 21st-century tribal feuds — which on a national scale add up to nothing less than a religious war, a clash of faiths and value systems — with a clear, intelligent eye and a hospitable attitude that is rightly focused on the spiritual dimensions of the problem: Only transcendence can open the way to better solutions down the road. The real swamp just now is in the American mind.
“My point is simple: Love and warm heartedness might not change every heart and mind, but they are always worth trying, and they will always make you better off.”
Healing the Divisions in Our Country – The New York Times (

Arthur Brooks, Healing the Political Divide.  
Thursday, February 11, 2021, 5:00pm PST
This important event is Free and is sponsored by the National Conflict Resolution Center. 

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month:
You are encouraged to take the Pledge and join a community of activists working to end human trafficking.
Together we can stop the exploitation of our neighbors, our children, and our community. 

A commitment to EDUCATE, EMPOWER, & SUPPORT the fight to combat human trafficking in San Diego County.  
For January’s Human Trafficking Awareness Month we encourage you to take the Pledge and join a community of activists working to end human trafficking. Together we can stop the exploitation of our neighbors, our children, and our community.   

Take the Pledge & Get a FREE Decal Sticker!  
“As we mark Human Trafficking Awareness Month, I am grateful to North County Lifeline’s Project LIFE Program and its indispensable partnership to the San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force…Project LIFE partners with our office, the FBI, the community, and all of law enforcement to fight this modern-day slavery all year long.” 
-San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan  

As a pledge participant:
1. You will receive an “Ending Trafficking is Within Reach” Pledge Decal Sticker
2. You will be added to North County Lifeline’s website as part of the coalition committed to combatting human trafficking in San Diego County.
3. You will receive an email with resource links and action items to EDUCATE, EMPOWER, & SUPPORT the fight to combat human trafficking.

How did this Pledge come about?
North County Lifeline and REACH Coalition partners launched an “Ending Human Trafficking is Within Reach” Pledge in an effort to increase human trafficking awareness and prevention efforts for January’s Human Trafficking Awareness Month by providing the local community an opportunity to commit to educate, empower, and support the fight to combat human trafficking in San Diego County. The REACH Coalition was created to help address the tragedy of human trafficking in a collaborative way. REACH stands for Recover, Empower, Advocate, Collaborate, and Heal. This task force works to identify and fill gaps in service provision throughout the County and increase the competency of service providers in the fight to combat human trafficking in our community.
Watch NBC7 Episode Series “Stolen” Documentary Series on the sex trafficking of children in San Diego County

Watch North County Lifeline Project LIFE video on Human Trafficking of Youth During COVID-19
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Mood Lifters-

Everyone Should Have An Elephant:
Everyone Should Have an Elephant – YouTube

Birds CAN Dance!
BIRDS can DANCE! – YouTube

Always try to help a friend in need
Believe in Yourself
Study Hard
Laugh Often
Don’t be overly concerned with your weight,
it’s just a number
Always try to see
the glass half full
Meet new people, even if
they look different to you
Remain calm,
even when it seems hopeless
Take lots of naps
Be weird, whenever you have the chance
Love your friends, no matter who they are
Don’t waste food
Take an occasional risk
Try to have a little fun each day, it’s important
Share a joke with friends
Fall in love with someone…
…and say ‘I love you’ often
Express yourself creatively
Be conscious of your appearance
Always be up for surprises
Love someone with all of your heart
Share with Friends
Watch your step
It will get better
There is always someone who loves you more than you know
Exercise to keep fit
Live up to your name
Seize the moment
Hold on to good friends;
they are few and far between
Indulge in the things you truly love
Cherish every Sunday
At the end of the day… PRAY

…And close your eyes

And smile at least once a day!

When we choose not to focus on what’s missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that’s present…
we experience heaven on earth.” 

Thanks this week go to Brad D, Carl L, Steve D, Don S, & Larry H.
Please pay it forward!

“Love your enemies and you won’t have any…”

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