Your Soul Food Friday for the Week of Unity Day 2020: Soul Soothing and Soul Searching Reflections & Actions

Happy Soul Food Friday
This week:
Soul Soothing and Soul Searching- starting with some warm and fuzzies and leaving with some tough decisions…

The Love Story We All Need Right Now- My Octopus Teacher
My Octopus Teacher could have easily joined the bloated canon of creative works by men who decide to rediscover their purpose by connecting with the rugged natural world.
But it falls into no such trap. Instead, the film captures one of the most touching accounts of interspecies friendships ever to grace the world.

Give me Love, Give me Peace on Earth:
Something to soothe your soul…

Unity Day was Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Wear and share orange to show that we are together against bullying, and united for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion any day that moves you.

Getting Political-

Vote and Help Get Out the Vote Whatever You Believe!

If you have already voted, thank you.

If you have already decided who you are going to vote for, please vote your conscience.

If you are committed to getting out the vote, we are down to the short strokes so get busy!

If you still haven’t decided, purportedly around 10% of Americans have not, here are some parting resources & thoughts as we get closer to election day…

You are probably not surprised who I am supporting in the election.

We were disappointed to have our yard sign defaced and this was our reaction:

Get ready to cast your ballot with the help of the KPBS Voter Guide!

To see what’s on a ballot based on a specific location, enter an address or ZIP code.

Click here to learn how to use the KPBS Voter Guide.

Please note: an email address is not required, but feel free to enter it if you’d like to get the latest news including all of our election coverage via email.

USA TODAY EDITORIAL BOARD: Elect Joe Biden. Reject Donald Trump.
Our View: In 2016, we broke tradition in urging you not to vote for Trump. Now we’re making our first presidential endorsement. We hope it’s our last.

Recent polls show that more than 90% of voters have decided between Biden and Trump, and nothing at this point will change their minds. This editorial is for those of you who are still uncertain about which candidate to vote for, or whether to vote at all. It’s also for those who settled on Trump but might be having last-minute doubts.

The Lincoln Project: Career Republicans Call on America to Vote Out President Trump: A group of longtime Republican strategists who have worked with the likes of John McCain and George W. Bush have launched a scorching campaign against the President

Why People Who Hate Trump Stick With Him
Since 2018, I’ve conducted roughly 50 focus groups with Trump voters to understand the shifting dynamics within the Republican Party.

Thanks this week go to my Conscious Leader Brothers & Sisters, and to everyone that is voting- both at the ballot box and with their pocketbook.

Please pay it forward with courage and consideration!
Love all,

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