Your Soul Food for Friday July 17, 2020: In Spite of Everything, Can We Find the Gift in THIS Moment?

Happy Soul Food Friday!


This week:

  • 3 Reasons I Wear My Mask
  • 10 Signs of a Highly Evolving Person
  • Your Personal Invitation to “Looking For LOVE in All the Right Places-Keeping the Good Changes This Pandemic Has Spread In Our Lives”- Zoom Webinar Thurs July 30th 2020 @ Noon PST: How to Discern and Keep the Good Changes that this Pandemic has Spread in our Lives, so We can Regain our Joy, Re-energize our Spirit, and Grow the Love.
  • Spotlight On the Community: What We Are Doing As An Organization to Serve Our San Diego Brethren


10 Signs of a Highly Evolved Person:
Can You Relate to Any of Them?
Being an evolved person in our society doesn’t mean you just live according to social expectations.
If you are committed to becoming an evolved person, here are some things that suggest you’re making substantial progress in this life-long process.



Your Personal Invitation to “Looking For LOVE in All the Right Places-Keeping the Good Changes This Pandemic Has Spread In Our Lives”
Zoom Webinar: Thurs July 30th 2020 @ Noon PST with Moshe and Moi:
How to discern and keep the good changes that this pandemic has spread in our lives, so we can regain our joy, re-energize our spirit, and grow the love.

Most of us, even the most stress-hardened are emotionally and spiritually fatigued from months of adjusting to life in a Covid world.

In lieu of a summer vacation to distant places, or even a spa day or retreat, can we give ourselves a mini-stay-cation, with a little help from our friends, to reframe our current circumstance and recharge our spirit (yes even on another zoom call!)?

Of course we can!
Let’s find the gift in this moment.

Join Moshe and Neville as they create the space for us to get real, get clear, and get on, with how we would like to show up in the Covid world.

Together we will explore the current conditions we find ourselves in and our habituated responses to them.
In a brave, safe and even sacred space we will gently challenge our beliefs, reactions and responses so we can grow together.
And yes, LOVE has everything to do with it!
We will:

  • Shift from Life is happening TO ME to Life is happening THROUGH ME.
  • Reclaim your Passion, Purpose, and Priorities as you release from the grip of this Pandemic.
  • Practice Straight “A” Gift Giving to someone in your life:  Acknowledgment / Attention / Appreciation and rise up by lifting others                                                   

To Register: Click HERE
Or copy and paste this link to your browser:


Your Mission Is Our Mission:

Here is an interview with “yours truly” about how we as an organization are supporting our hyperlocal San Diego community, including generating over $400,000 (the equivalent of 2 million meals) by and for our fellow San Diegans with the San Diego Food Bank

Thanks this week go to Dan L, Peter D, Drew S and every one of you helping others in these challenging times…

Please stay safe, well and resilient!


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“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” ~Buddha



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