Your Soul Food for Friday Juneteenth: “You Can Only Be Ridden If Your Back Is Bent” – MLK Jr.

It’s Soul Food Friday for



Business Leaders Unite:
Join us for So Cal’s Largest Virtual Mixer June 25, 2020 @ 4pm
Join us again for one of the LARGEST virtual mixers that include members from Business Executives Council (BEC), Connected Women of Influence (CWI), Conscious Capitalism, SPIRE (formerly Corporate Alliance), Sales & Marketing Leadership Alliance (SMLA), TiE South Coast San Diego, Chamber of Purpose and more!
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This week:
Greenwood, 1921: One of the Worst Race Massacres In American History (60 Minutes Episode)
The death of George Floyd, in the hands of Minneapolis police, came on Memorial Day. Ninety-nine years before, that same week, black Americans suffered a massacre. In the days after World War I, a neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma, called Greenwood was among the wealthiest black communities. Oil made Greenwood rich, but jealousy made it suffer. In 1921, a white mob, with incendiary rage, burned Greenwood to ash. Even memories were murdered when the dead were dropped into unmarked graves. Last December, before the pandemic, we found Tulsa preparing to embrace a reckoning, with a plan to exhume the truth and raise the dead.

Let’s Get Real:
What is Systemic Racism?
Here’s What it Means and How You Can Help Dismantle It


We Are All Entitled to our Own Opinions But Not to our Own Facts:
How Big is the Racial Wealth Gap?
Though there is a lot of focus on the social inequalities occurring in the U.S., we should also take a deeper look at the economic inequalities as well.
Many of the social issues experienced by people of color throughout America would be greatly mitigated if they had more economic power.


Listen to Understand, Don’t Listen for Rebuttal
Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Life Advice:
It is not where do I find meaning in life, but how do I create meaning!
An adult scientist is a kid who hasn’t lost their curiosity…

Ray Roberts Speaks His Truth As A Black American


 Interested in Rehabilitating the US Police System?
Here is something you can do:


Music Helps!
Here is a playlist that might resonate…

It Includes:



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“If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go FAR, go together.”

–African Proverb

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