Flip the Script, Giving Ourselves Permission Not to Know, Playing a Valuable Role in this Crisis, Leaders and Creatives Stepping Up as well as some Spirit Boosters for You

Deep gratitude to all of you on the frontlines taking care of vital services and taking care of all of us!


This week:

  • Reactive brain or Creative brain- Can we leverage an infinite mindset and come out of this better together- Simon Sinek
  • Giving Ourselves Permission to Not Know What to Do- Dr. Ken Druck
  • Coping with Coronavirus Stress- Resources from UC San Diego
  • Everyone Can Play A Valuable Role In This Crisis. Everyone Can Be A Responder- Mission Fed wants all of us to Step Up and is making it Easy
  • Pandemic Sees Brand Leaders Putting Purpose Before Profit
  • Creatives Helping Us Elevate Humanity through Empathy
  • Beatles to the Rescue!



These Are Not Unprecedented Times with Simon Sinek:
Leveraging an Infinite Mindset NOW Because Together is Better!
This is the kind of leadership we need to see more of both locally and globally…



Giving Ourselves Permission . . . to Not Know What to Do with Ken D:
How could we possibly know what to do? Pioneers crossing the deserts, plains, mountains, and rivers of totally uncharted territory with no map would understand. And they’d probably have more compassion for us than we’re giving ourselves.


Coping with Coronavirus Stress
Tips and resources from UC San Diego for (campus) community members to protect our mental health during the pandemic


Everyone Can Play A Valuable Role In This Crisis. Everyone Can Be A Responder:
Mission Fed launches $50K Matching Grant to Address Food Insufficiency in San Diego due to COVID-19. The San Diego Food Bank is committed to providing food assistance and resources to the 350,000 people they serve every month and those affected by the COVID-19 crisis. In support of the Food Bank, during the month of April (1-30), Mission Fed will match all donations dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000. For every $1 donated the Food Bank can provide 5 meals.
If you would like to contribute please help us and double your impact here:


Conscious Leadership-
Pandemic Sees Brand Leaders Putting Purpose Before Profit:
While the government stalls under pressure to provide necessary aid to the millions affected by COVID-19, a silver lining to this pandemic is being revealed as more and more businesses exemplify efforts to put people before profit.


Creatives Helping Us Elevate Humanity-
Stefon Harris — Vibraphonist, Educator, Thinker — Teaches Empathy From The Bandstand:
Stefon Harris is about a lot more than creating music. “The vibraphone, in my opinion, is just a bunch of metal and wood,” he says. “It’s not that important. Instruments are just tools. What’s important is the mission behind the individual who’s utilizing the tool. My ultimate passion is about the proliferation of empathy.”


On a lighter note…
Beatles to the Rescue:
I Gotta Wash My Hands!


Thanks this week go to Jojo S, Ross G,  Ken D, Paula T, the Mission Fed Team, Malcolm A and Larry H.
Please Pay it Forward!

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“The most important aspect of the practice of grateful living is trust in life.
Every human being every day has to make a practical choice between trusting life or not trusting life.
Again and again in life, one is tempted to distrust and fear.
Fear and distrust—this is the same.”
–Brother David

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