The Nicest Place in America, Your Diet is not only what you Eat, How to Evade the Leading Cause of Death in the United States & More Soulful Stuff!


Start by enjoying this divine San Diego Sunset!


This week while counting our blessings:

May we remember to reach for those farthest behind first, and may you be that very person you needed most when you were younger

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” – Muhammad Ali

Whatever your reason for being, whether your mission, passion, profession or calling supports it or not, what would happen if for just a short while we all actually focused on the fundamentals (purpose v. ego) and at the same time remembered to hold space for and reach out for those farthest behind first all the while striving to be that person you needed most when you were younger.

Remembering those farthest behind and serving as the voice for those that can’t raise their own is a small price to pay for elevating humanity and advancing the human condition. Depending on your worldview this might rightly include the whole animal kingdom as well as all living systems.

Striving to be that person you needed most when you were younger, ensures our present minded focus is rightly not just on our clear and present needs, but at the same time on future generations and the life we are leaving for them to inhabit and navigate, and on whose behalf we temporarily tend to this tiny blue planet.


Could a more conscious form of business change the outcomes?
The Conscious Capitalism movement globally, in alignment with the Chamber of Purpose work we are doing here in San Diego locally, gives voice and agency to the emergence of the next iteration of organized commerce, where a business’s fundamental reason for being is to serve as a force for good and make a positive contribution to society.

At a fundamental level conscious capitalism recognizes the transformative ability and ethical imperative of organizations to contribute to social good expressed far beyond just the single metric of profit.

At its highest manifestations, conscious capitalism behaves into the moral obligation business has to a quadruple bottom line of people, planet, profit AND purpose, where organizational values are not for sale and business leaders and stakeholders alike recognizes the critical role they play in positively shaping the future of our society and hold their organizations accountable to this noble standard.

Practicing at Work: The impact Conscious Capitalism has had on my organization
As a not-for-profit financial service organization, financial performance and social purpose have always defined our meaning of success. With the emergence of conscious capitalism, we now can affirm these values and expand the movement to include purpose-driven organizations of all stripes, as together we created the world we wish to see and in turn leave for future generations.


You’ve Got to Love It

This Was Just Named the Nicest Place in America!
A Syrian Refugee Falafel Shop in Tennessee…

I Am The Jewish Nurse:
The same one that people are talking about in the Pittsburgh shooting that left 11 dead. The trauma nurse in the ER that cared for Robert Bowers who yelled, “Death to all Jews,” as he was wheeled into the hospital. The Jewish nurse who ran into a room to save his life…


Common Sense, Uncommon Practice
How to Evade the Leading Cause of Death in the United States:
The good news is that there are some simple things you can do to avoid becoming a statistic, and they start right in your own home…


Scientists Just Laid Out Plans to Solve Climate Change. We Aren’t On Track to do Any of Them:
A landmark U.N. report offers both a glimmer of hope and a giant warning. Scientists and policymakers have the knowhow to address climate change and stave off some of the worst effects of the phenomenon, but political leaders are nowhere close to fully undertaking any of these steps, the report shows. Scientists on the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) point to a global temperature rise of 1.5°C as a threshold the planet cannot cross without seeing the worst effects of climate change. Yet according to the U.N. organization’s latest report, temperatures have already risen 1°C as a result of human activity, and the planet could pass the 1.5°C threshold as early as 2030 if greenhouse gas emissions continue at the current rate.

When is Enough is Enough when it comes to gun violence:
Maura Binkley, victim in Tallahassee yoga studio shooting, ‘just wanted to help other people’

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die” – Anonymous

 Yoga Has Healing Powers:
The more we learn about yoga, the more we realize the benefits aren’t all in the minds of the 20 million or so devotees in the U.S. Yoga helps people to relax, making the heart rate go down, which is great for those with high blood pressure. The poses help increase flexibility and strength, bringing relief to back pain sufferers. In the largest study of yoga that used biological measures to assess results, it seems that those meditative sun salutations and downward dog poses can reduce inflammation, the body’s way of reacting to injury or irritation.


Thanks this week go to Marlaine C, Barbara S-B, Charles B, and All of Yee Who Fight for What’s Right~

Please pay it forward with purpose!

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“Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened.” – Dr Seuss

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