Reviving Personalism, Acknowledging Misinformation and Prejudice & the First Thing You Learn in Monk School


This week:

“Despite what the achievement culture teaches, dignity does not depend on what you do, how successful you are or whether your school calls you gifted.
Infinite worth is inherent in being human.
Every human encounter is a meeting of equals.
Doing community service isn’t about saving the poor; it’s a meeting of absolute equals as both seek to change and grow…”


Our Culture Does a Pretty Good Job of Ignoring the Uniqueness and Depth of Each Person
David Brooks on Personalism: The Philosophy We Need. Is it time for a revival of personalism?


“With the exception of the French, all respondents overestimated the share of Muslim immigrants and underestimated the share of Christians.
They also estimated that immigrants were more numerous than they really are.
In US, the country where disparity between perceptions and actual numbers was the most striking, respondents put immigrants’ share of the country’s population at 36%. It’s only 10%.”

A Harvard Study Shows that Just Thinking of “Immigrants” Makes People Less Generous:
Harvard University researchers looked at the common threads between the backlash against immigrants in this and other developed countries.
Their findings, circulated by the National Bureau of Economic Research, point to misinformation and prejudice…


Rare Photos: The Passage of Time Gives Us Perspective
Some of these will make you pause and reflect…
Kids for Sale? WTF?

“Things Are Way to Urgent to Rush”

An Antidote…

The First Thing You Learn At Monk School with Jay Shetty:
Wisdom traditions focus on the root of things. Why have we moved away from them?


Thanks this week go to Elizabeth D, Chris B, Marlaine C and all of ye.


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“Unfortunately, we have to live most of our life before we learn to get the most out of life…”

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