Inspiration, Targeted Universalism & the Myth of the Model Minority

This week:


Happy 100th Birthday Nelson Mandela!

Hope You Took a Moment to Celebrate Mandela Day

“He was just a particularly fine example of humanity. The principles by which he lived his life are universal principles of love, fairness and respect for others.”
—Bishop Tutu

From Convocation to Commencement, from Back to School to Back to Work, Everyone Can Use a Little inspiration:
A lot of school district leaders are calling on me to help set the tone for the start of the school year with everything from keynotes for entire teams to small group sessions.
If I can serve you locally, just reach out to be at:

This is One Great and Inspiring 9 Minute Speech:
Courtesy of Dr. DeRoche at USD

Working with the Leadership team of the Oceanside Promise…
We were exposed to a video about Targeted Universalism produced by the Haas Institute at UC Berkeley and then discussed how it fit into what we are trying to accomplish through the Oceanside Promise.
I thought you might find it thought provoking:

Breaking the Myth of the “Model Minority”
Pew Center Study shows Asians Surpass African-American and Latinos in Income Inequality:
Dis-aggregating equity shows the gap between rich and poor in Asian communities & might surprise you…

Thanks this week go to Dr. DeRoche, Nicole M and all the change leaders with the Oceanside Promise & The Takeaway

Set the intention and then create your own future on purpose!
Be the Legacy…


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“Difference- The Only thing we have in Common”

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