Chasing the American Dream- History, Culture, Identity and Bending the Curve on Upward Mobility which is Clearly on the Down Swing

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This week:

If an integral part of fulfilling the American Dream is Upward Mobility then wouldn’t you like to know how we are doing and what we can do to increase it?
Structural racism is part of many country’s history and the US is no exception.
Know thy history and then seek ways to create a more equitable and just world for all!


Did you know…

In America in 1940 your likelihood of having a better quality of life than your parents- measured in upward mobility- was 90%
In 1980 just 40 years later this dropped to 50% -basically a coin toss
Most recent data from 2016 indicates it is down to 7.5%!
Statistically, this means less than 10% of Americans living today, will have a better quality of life than their parents.

Is this the future you want to leave for your kids and theirs?
What will it take to reverse this trend for future generations?

This week we get a glimpse into the caste system from South Asia, and ways to realign our livelihood, values as well as the promise and possibility of education to advance upward mobility in the US.

  1. Recognize structural racism and historical realities that we carry forward by default or design…

When Caste Discrimination Comes to the United States- Equality Labs Commissions Caste Survey for South Asians in the US:
At over three thousand years old, caste hierarchy is one of the oldest forms of social stratification in the world: the community you’re born into in places like India, Pakistan and Nepal has designated where you can work, who you can marry, and what your reputation is in life. “Caste in the United States,” finds that caste discrimination is playing out in the United States as well…

  1. Cultivate 21st century leadership skills

How to be a Conscious Leader- Cultivate Wisdom, Love & Courage:
A conscious leader organizes and influences people to achieve meaningful results, but with a particular spirit and mode of conduct.
You’ve got to love it when the Wisdom Traditions and Neuroscience intersect!
This article is especially poignant as both the author Eric and the featured conscious leader Matt are dear friends of mine…

  1. Reinvest in the power and promise of education

Why Bill and Melinda Gates Invested $1B to Put 20,000 Students Through College:
America, built on the dream of upward mobility, has become a country of deepening divide between rich and poor. The surest way to narrow the wealth gap is to earn a college degree. Now major universities like Princeton are working to lower the price of admission through a new kind of affirmative action, not based on race, but on low-income status.
It began with two of America’s wealthiest parents, Bill and Melinda Gates. They spent more than a billion dollars putting low-income minority students through college

  1. Reimagine the nature of work, and work with nature not against it

Responding to Changing Circumstances and Aligning One’s Passion and Purpose with a Sustainable Alternative:
Turning to the Sea as a New Frontier When Over-Fishing is No Longer an Option…
Increasing numbers of fishermen, scientists, and foodies in this country are starting to look at seaweed very differently — as a promising source of food, jobs and help cleaning ocean waters.
With rising global populations and limited space to expand agriculture on land, they are turning to the sea — and its “weeds” — as a new frontier…

  1. Stay in the positive and be the change you want to see

See the Change You Want to Be in the World
Be the Change You Want to See in the World”


If you are local:

30 Minutes to Amplify Greatness!


It only takes 30 minutes to honor a person or organization that has done so much for our community. Step up and be a part of National Philanthropy Day!  Nominate for the following categories:

Outstanding Philanthropist Outstanding Development Professional Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation Outstanding Grantmaking Organization Outstanding Organizational Volunteer Outstanding Fundraising Volunteer Outstanding Youth/Student Volunteer

Be a Part of Philanthropy in San Diego
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Thanks this week go to Eric K, AFP, and warriors for social justice everywhere that extend themselves in love and kindness and choose to serve as change-makers for a better society!

Please pay it forward with purpose

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“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” ~ Buddha

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