Jump on the Bus to Youth Success, Dare to Bring Purpose to Work & The Key to Authentic Engagement


This week:

The Key to Authentic Engagement: Purpose Metrics that Matter:

  • Do your top leaders believe in the power of purpose as much as profit?


  • Do employees feel that the company is living its purpose?
  • Are your employees finding meaning and higher purpose at work?
  • Does your purpose align with what matters most to your customers?
  • Measure the impact of the good you are doing


DARE to bring purpose to your workday:


If you are local:
Jump On the Bus!
You’re Invited to Participate in the 2018 Community Partner Symposium- April 17 2018 (Encinitas CA)

Encinitas Union School District would like to invite you to participate in their 2018 Community Partners Symposium on Tuesday April 17, 2018.
This is a wonderful opportunity for all of you to experience what real elementary school looks like today!
Students will be learning, teachers will be teaching, and you can observe the future of education in action.

This year you will get to “JUMP ON THE BUS!”
Yes, we are all going to jump onto a bus a tour a couple of our schools while they are in session.
It will be a great opportunity to generate ideas and actions that could change the world.

Want to go?
Click on this link and fill out the online form to let us know you are good to go!http://bit.ly/EUSDSymposium

BOARD THE TOUR BUS at San Dieguito Heritage Museum
450 Quail Gardens Dr., Encinitas CA 92024

Please arrive by  9:15am so you can park and board the BUS!
The BUS will leave at 9:30am and will return by 1:00pm.

School Tours Include:
*   El Camino Creek
*   Olivenhain Pioneer
*   Ocean Knoll,
*   Farm Lab

Lunch will be provided, and it is all FREE!

It is our hope that you will be able to come and experience learning through the students eyes, and lend your vision to the conversation about the bright future of learning and education.

Any questions or ideas please contact:
Glen Warren
760-944-4300  x1188


Community Alliance for Youth Success Features Youth Success Week- Discover Your Purpose April 23-28, 2018 (Oceanside CA)
Discover Your Purpose. Showcase Your Success


Thanks this week go to Jill Mc and Kids for Peace, Bea B, Jeff V, John I, Glen W and the team at Encinitas Union & Bobbi D and Steadman G and the team at CAYS

Please pay it forward with purpose!

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“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” – Nelson Mandela

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