Purpose Driven Leaders: The Call for Conscious Leadership has Moved from Interesting to Imperative and Love Has EVERYTHING to Do with It

In the unlikely event that the world is perfect just the way it is,

Where we actually have exactly what we need because:

The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear

& the opposite of ‘scare-city’ is not abundance, it is enough,

Then with hearts filled with love and an unbridled belief in our own capacity,

the world is perfect just the way it is

and together we have just manifested:

A world without war, violence and greed

Where information is shared and symmetrical

Where all young people are valued for who they are and refuse to conform to counterfeit cultural conditioning

And where San Diego models the very best of Conscious Capitalism

And if this is not our experience of the world, in principle and practice

Let’s model and mentor

the change we want to see and be

To Elevate Humanity!

(Conscious Capitalism San Diego Gathering Shared Aspiration February 2018)


This week:
Business 1.0 = Profit First (Friedman Economics where the only thing that matters is drive profit to your shareholders. That is the only reason you exist)
Business 2.0 = Customer First (Take care of the customer and the profit will follow)
Business 3.0 = Employee/Culture First (the customer experience, rarely exceeds the employee experience, so take care of the employee (human and social capital) /culture (the people systems in which they exist, & they will take care of the customer and that will take care of profit)
Business 4.0 Purpose First (Connect with your “Why” for ALL the stakeholders namely; customer/members, employees, community, investors, public and by aligning their purpose to yours you can drive 10 to 14x better returns and is more gratifying and meaningful to boot!)

A Sea Change is Underway, Where Are YOU and Your Organization in this EVOLution?

A Demand For Change Backed Up By $6 Trillion- A Sense of Purpose:
This post is getting a great deal of attention, because of both the content and because of who it’s coming from, the CEO of BlackRock, a key investor which manages nearly $6 trillion in assets.
“Society is demanding that companies, both public and private, serve a social purpose. “To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society.”

The week  after BlackRock CEO Laurence Fink issued a letter to CEOs titled “A Sense of Purpose.” It was heralded by The New York Times DealBook columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin as what “could be a watershed moment on Wall Street, one that raises all sorts of questions about the very nature of capitalism.”


The Call for Conscious Leadership with Eric K:

This call for Conscious Leadership is exciting and refreshing as Mr. Fink reminds leaders that companies have a duty for Purpose, Social Stewardship, and Responsibility. But we have to admit that companies don’t have duties, people do. And now is the time for people, for leaders, to understand and practice Conscious Leadership; it’s vital for leaders to commit and conduct themselves as Conscious Leaders.

Conscious Leaders commit to a quadruple bottom line:

  1. Profit – financial well-being and achievement
  2. People – beneficial impact to society and community
  3. Planet – positive effect on the environment and Spaceship Earth
  4. Purpose – contributing to the greater good for everyone

Conscious Leader’s conduct is shaped by three forces:


  1. Wisdom – seeing below the surface and beyond the obvious
  2. Courage – walking toward what you’d rather run away from
  3. Love – wanting to do well for others

The call for Conscious Leadership has moved from interesting to imperative.

If you’re drawn to answer the call of evolution and be empowered to be a Purposeful Steward, then be on the lookout for articles, videos, and resources to awaken your Conscious Leader capacity.  Here’s to achieving our full potential – as people, organizations, and communities!

If you would like to deepen your Conscious Leadership practices now get a copy of my book here.

In the spirit of leading and learning,



Thanks this week go to Eric K, the Chamber of Purpose San Diego, Conscious Capitalists & Purpose Driven Leaders everywhere who are willing to challenge the status quo to elevate humanity!

Please pay it forward and love what you do!

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“The only truth you will find on the top of mountains is the truth you bring up there – Robert Pirsig

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