Unbridled Sportsmanship, Overwhelming Kindness & Announcing the Soft Launch of the Chamber of PURPOSE San Diego

This week:

“Winners practice until they get it right,
while Champions practice until they can’t get it wrong!” 

Think Global-


Did You Witness this Fine Example of Unbridled Sportsmanship and Overwhelming Kindness at the US Open Women’s Final?
In a time fraught with incivility, flat out meanness, and a win at all costs mentality, these two young women warriors what a real champion & true success really looks like.
Champions model excellence and character both on and off the court and they really made my heart sing!

The moment that actually lasted forever:

Choosing to sit on the other side of the net with the vanquished:

Joking over the $3.7MM windfall:

Act Local-


19th Annual Cause Conference leads to the announcement of the Chamber of Purpose San Diego:

Last week, as many of you experienced first-hand, we officially announced the formation of our private Facebook group for the Chamber of Purpose San Diego at this year’s Cause Conference entitled; Maximizing Your Impact through the Power of Purpose. To date, more than 100 leaders have already signed up. If you self-refer as a purpose driven leader, you might consider joining this group and inviting other purpose-driven business and civic leaders to join us.

This will serve as a powerful “connectory” between working meetings as we crystallize our work effort, share our information and learn about others in the ecosystem. You will appreciate While this is a closed group which means anyone can find it, but can only join if an admin grants them access, in the spirit of inclusion, if you invite people you deem kindred spirits we will be happy to include them. We have an information literacy expert, Glen Warren helping us curate content and will be populating the site over the next few weeks…
Thanks for your personal commitment to making San Diego
America’s Kindest and most Purpose-FULL Region!

Thanks this week go to all the great coaches that teach character not just competence, and how to win both on and off the field of life, as well as everyone seeking & living their purpose!

Pay it forward!

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“The world connects not by molecules. It connects through ideas, hopes, faces, dreams, actions, stories and memories….”

– Barrie Stanford Greiff

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