Passion or Purpose, U/T Podcast, NonViolent Communication Principles & Discount Tixs for Cause

This week:

My Purpose: Building engaged communities empowered to realize their potential to positively impact the world!

Adversity Doesn’t Breed Character It Reveals It- Lessons from Houston:
Keep Houston in Your Thoughts and Giving Circle
“We all have a responsibility to the well-being of our community. … We know that if we help these citizens when they’re in need, they will help us.”

U/T Podcast: Enlightened Negotiations and The Power of Purpose
Here is a podcast from the U/T Community Spotlight on how to prosperously elevate human interactions, one of the sessions at next month’s Cause Conference with my dear friend Mehrad!
“Win/Win on Steroids” “the deal ends but the results and reputation last”…


 Following your Passion, while Living out your Purpose is the Ultimate life Goal:
The Difference between Passion and Purpose

Nonviolent Communication is based on a fundamental principle: Underlying all human actions are needs that people are seeking to meet
The language of Nonviolent Communication includes two parts: honestly expressing ourselves to others, and empathically hearing others.

If you are local…
Maximizing Your Impact through the Power of Purpose is one week away with an amazing line up!
If you have been procrastinating and do want to attend this year’s Cause Conference on September 8, here is a link to a 15% discount for non-member and nonprofit ticket types

Strengthening Democracy Summit September 19th:


Thanks to Drew S & Mehrad N for a thoughtful community dialogue on purpose, Glen W for stimulating the difference between passion and purpose, Mehrad for reminding us of the importance of nonviolent communication, and the local purpose and philanthropy communities for making us better civic leaders! 

Pay it forward and see you next week at the Cause Conference!

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“The meaning of your life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”- Pablo Picasso

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